The Val is a European band formed in the 90´s in Madrid (Spain), when a band called Ying-Yang, consisting of the
singer Gabrielle de Val, the pianist David Erick, the drummer José A. Pereira, a female bass player called Ángeles Balué and Iñaki de Miguel (guitar and drums), were joined by guitarist Alfonso Samos and his brother Angel Luis.
This wider band became fairly popular, winning several music competitions and having lots of radio, TV and magazine interviews. Their Spanish Rock had a very personal and attractive sound, and they performed and recorded successfully during some time. But, despite of their incipient success and their friendship, they finally split up, so that The Val disappeared and its members went their separate ways But in January 2010 the band got together again. Gabrielle, Alfonso, Pereira and David got in touch with each other and from the very beginning they all knew that they wanted to go on with the project they had begun years before. A bunch of songs sprung up very quickly and spontaneously, so they were able to begin recording their album, “Back”, immediately. The album is being produced by Samos. Gabrielle, who´s German, has written all the lyrics in English, because that´s the language in which the songs were conceived. The result is a powerful and inspiring recording, a synthesis of the beauty of the songs and the band´s masterly musical renditions.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 9.0/10* "An awesome Melodic Rock Band from Spain, fronted by Gabrielle De Val, a Superb Melodic Rock female voice!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2012
Website: www.theval.es
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