Lenny Terron
Henry Terron
Traci Klinger
Guiller Terron
Vocals, Guitars


S.H.O.T. is a brazilian band born around 2008 in the city of Sorocaba/Votorantim (interior of Sao Paulo). Formed by the brothers Guiller Terron and Lenny Terron along the bassist Tracï Klinger, the band's been through many upside downs until stabilizing in its atual lineup. At the begining of its formation, with Guiller in the drums, Lenny in the guitars and Tracï in the bass, the band made many audiences for a singer, and since they had no success, they came to the conclusion Lenny should perform the vocals, and then the other brother Henry Terron joined in the guitars. At that time the band wasn't quite stabilized, around 2010 they decide to leave Brazil to try something in Europe, but since things ain't no bed of roses, Guiller and Tracï couldn't be able to go together, so there went just Lenny and Henry. With the band now slipt up, both sides were trying to become stable, with Lenny and Henry playing in some pubs and metro stations of Madrid, Spain, so they could make some contacts for recording, meanwhile Guiller and
Tracï were in Brazil were doing the same. Obtaining no results on both quests, they decide to reunite and record an independent CD, with Lenny and Henry leaving back to Brazil so they could start the recordings of "Holocaust Riot".
The CD Holocaust Riot is a totally independent album, recorded in an improvised studio, with the only pretention of showing the band's work and being launched as a demo album. With the CD already finished, they decide to promote a festival with lots of bands of the Sleaze gender, trying to raise the Brazilian scene, being this the largest Sleaze festival performed in Brazil, bringing thousands of spectators from many different places of the country.
In two months they launch two - also independent - videoclips, and also starting the recordings of their second album.

Album Info:
S.H.O.T.: Holocaust Riot (2011)
01. Intro
02. Holocaust Riot
03. One More Time
04. Wake Up
05. Livin' Lies
06. Dark Way
07. Wicked
08. Shadow's Gaze
09. Seventh Night
10. Die Today

Luciana *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2011
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