Hailing from New South Wales in Australia, October Rage first came to life in 2008. Formed by brothers, Nick and William Roberts, the duo set about on a worldwide search for compatible partners, reaching out as far as the United States in the process. “We did not want to limit ourselves to just having Australian’s in the band when there is so much undiscovered talent in the world”, said singer Nick, “we felt that by casting our net abroad in a wide span we would find the right, talented, like minded people, and borders should not dictate who we ended up bringing on to the team.”
After spending a few exhausting months searching the world over the brothers found their answer right in their own backyard – almost literally. William – “I ran into both Rory and Tim separately, we had been in school with these guys, all in different years. Rory’s old band had opened for our previous band’s album launch so I already knew he could play, was just great he wasn’t into much at the time so we were able to snag him easily! I knew Timothy could play epic solo’s from watching him perform at the local high school,
so once we had those two on the team, things kicked into overdrive” With a working lineup in place, the band begun to start to pull a local live following as one of the premier rock bands in the region.
In September 2009 the band headed to Melbourne to track their debut single, “Silver Line” with world renowned producer Adrian Hannan (The Androids, Taxiride, etc). The single was mastered by Martin Pullan (Deep Purple, Split Enz, Jimmy Barnes) at Edensound Studio. “I met Adrian at the Australian Songwriter’s Conference on the Central Coast in 2008. Little did I know that a year later we’d be working with him but I’m very glad we did – the album sounds amazing,” says singer Nick Roberts.
Soon after, the band entered a contest held by powerhouse Australian radio station Triple M, in which the winner would get the chance to open for hard rock heroes, Bon Jovi, in Sydney, Australia, on the band’s “Circle Tour.” October Rage was a Top Five contender, and then, in a two week round of voting, the band walked away with the prize out of hundreds of competing bands across the state. “Bon Jovi was an experience and a half,” says William, “from being a small unknown band to opening up for 50,000 screaming people a night for one of the greatest rock bands in history was definitely mind-blowing! We didn’t really have time to be nervous, it was just, okay we have a job to do lets rip it up!” In September 201, once again, saw the band head to Melbourne to record with Adrian Hannan and in November their debut album “OUTRAGE” was released. It attracted raving reviews, granting them into the rock community, with its huge head banging riffs on songs like Set You Free and Wayside, to the majestic ballads like Home and Into The Night. “Every song means something to us, we didn’t set out to write for other people, but it’s so overwhelming when people come to us at shows and say how much that particular song impacts them for that moment in time.” June 2012 saw the quartet head to the United States for their first USA run supporting both Steel Panther and Sevendust. “The USA has been so absolutely fantastic it’s hard to imagine not playing here.
Everywhere you go people are so open and responsive to rock and roll… it’s simple amazing,” said Nick. However, as in all rock history there are setbacks, and after the completion of their first run, the brothers once again found themselves looking for suitable partners. Both Rory and Tim left the group due to personal reasons. They quickly picked up the pieces and found replacements in the form of guitarist, Josh Gilbert and drummer, Alan Toka. After solidifying the lineup, October Rage once again hit the road where they spent a portion of late Summer and early Autumn touring with Saliva.“The USA has been a complete blast so far and I can’t wait to see more of the awesome country that is America. The new guys rock and I’ve never been more confident than I am right now! We have plans to continue trekking across the USA, then the invasion of Europe begins!”

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 9.0/10* "I like the positive energy that comes out from those guys on stage. An amazing Hard Rock Band! "
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

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Release Year:2012
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