Tommy Ende
Kenny Ende
David Jordan
Frank Wheeler
Lead Vocals
Guitar/Backing Vocals
Drums/Backing Vocals
Bass/Backing Vocals



Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you Rock n' Roll's last chance for survival, In a world dominated by prepubescent pop stars and auto-tuned wannabe's. They've been called many things, but are most fond of Nasty Habit. What started as a past time group of high school trouble makers was just the seeds of something great to come. Kenny Ende has been the Lead Guitarist and backbone for N...asty Habit ever since he started the band In 2008. Since then, He and original member and younger brother Tommy Ende have seen many line-up changes while perfecting the group of scoundrels we now call Nasty Habit. The most notable of changes early on, when the loss of their singer meant, then Drummer, Tommy, would get the opportunity to step up as the Lead Singer. A pivotal moment for the bands sound and style. Since then he's been the face of Nasty Habit, taking a front-seat in song writing with Kenny. With Tommy off the drums, It was no accident when they met David Jordan, the most
deviate drummer in all the land. It only took one rough jam of Guns N' Roses "Nightrain" for the boys to decide DJ was just the beast they'd been looking for. Its his thunderous rhythms that keep listener's from standing still, and his charisma that brings the band's Tongue-in-cheek, party attitude. To complete the revamped line-up, Nasty Habit's recently drafted Frank Wheeler, he comes from a long line of bassists with flawless hair. His loud mouth and rock hard grooves complete the rhythm section of World's rudest band; Nasty Habit.


Nasty Habit (EP) 2011
01. Heart Breakin' Hip Shakin' Fox
02. Money Hungry
03. Love Won't Wait
04. Saturday Night

Nasty Habit (Album) 2012
01. Hip Shakin' Fox
02. Saturday Night
03. Lethal Addiction
04. Hot Mess
05. Money Hungry
06. Strut You Stuff
07. What You Need
08. Love Wan't Wait
09. Rampage
010. Cruisin'
011. Misery Loves Company
012. Silver Bullets


Snaki: *Band Score 9.0/10* "These guys have been born to Rock!! If they follow the path they
have gotten so far, then expect great career!! Up to now we have two things:
In the name of the Band, girls screaming & the guys says..."Oohhh yea"!!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2011
Release Year:2012
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