Westville, OK based Motortrain takes that statement to heart, bringing what can only be described as a true rock and roll party to every live show they play, and somehow capturing that feeling on their debut EP Straight Six as well. It’s a
no-holds-barred brand of southern-flavored down and dirty rock with six straight-to-the-point tracks that fans really relate to. Recorded and produced by Mike Bolenbach at Full Well Studios in Phoenix, AZ and co-produced by Louis Lashes, the members of Motortrain stood strong against the use of bells, whistles, and modern over-production to dress up their album. The band's frontman, Ump says, “We're going back to basics. We wanted a classic sounding, sonic punch to the throat. No autotune or layers of guitars. Just vocals, two guitars, bass and drums. Nothing more, nothing less.”Born in a motorhome in “the middle of nowhere Oklahoma” Motortrain came to be when Ump moved back to his native Oklahoma from Arizona for family reasons. “I didn’t intend on getting back into music after my departure from Phoenix based The Earps,” he relates. “Anyway, after being bored out of my mind I decided to start jammin on my own, putting tunes together and learning songs I've always wanted but never had time to in AZ. Plus, I'd never taken a swing at lead vocals so learning songs was a good way to get in the habit.”
A little time passed and Ump decided he wanted to start a real project again so he asked around, posted ads on Craiglist and came up empty. “There are a ton of musicians out here but no one wanted to do anything in a serious manner.” Frustrated, he finally posted on Craigslist what, he thought, would be his final attempt with a simple title - "Nashville Pussy? If you know what I'm talking about, reply now!" and then Chris "CB" Brower replied with "What about Supersuckers?" and that was it. With a new partner in crime on board, the duo started writing. "Backyard Brawler" and "Goin Goin Gone" were the first songs they worked on. “We'd jam ‘em to a drum machine and work on other tunes, all the while posting more ads on craigslist for the remaining members. I got a heads up from a local friend that
Levi Cook was looking to jump into something new. Finally, Michael "Sig" Sigulinsky joined up from an ad we had posted looking for a bassist.” With a full band in place, Ump and Brower hashed out the rest of the songs on the Ep, fine tuned them and then got in contact with an old friend of Ump’s in Phoenix, Mike Bolenbach to record. The band camped out in Phoenix and tracked the record in six days flat. Kicking off with the heart pounding namesake track, “Motortrain,” Straight Six, is an infectious mix of barroom brawl blues tinged rock n roll in the vein of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Rhino Bucket. “Backyard Brawler “ is about a backyard fight. (lyrically it kind of started out as a joke
"No one has written a song about backyard wrestling … .so I did!”) “Bombs Away” is a full on innuendo' song paying homage to 80’s hard rockers Skid Row and Kix. “She's Hot” is a simplistic lyrical nod to Bon Scott (“basically, it’s about a girl”, laughs Ump). “Bad Girls” is a call to the bands' favorite kind of women. "I always preface this song live with "This is a little tune about preference...I like my girls dirty, tattooed, and a little mean". The disc’s final track and first video, “Goin' Goin' Gone” was written for anyone who always asks “Why don’t you write a song about me?” Ump – “I had a girlfriend in Arizona that asked that all the time and turned out to be a complete bitch …so, I wrote her one!”

RockBoy *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2012
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