In September/October of 2011, Michael and longtime friend and band-mate DAN LUCETT started writing the follow up to "Goodbye Rain". Confident that he had strong enough material to get BUZZY JAMES, KK MARTIN, PAUL WILSON,
TOM CROUCIER, & ERIC VON HERZEN involved in arranging and recording the next album, they rehearsed in Michael's living room for a few months, and then went into "FOR THE RECORD ST...UDIOS" to begin laying down tracks.Michael said, "This time around it wasn't just me and a drummer laying down rhythm tracks. There were all 7 of us multi-tracking, capturing REAL band dynamics and capturing the true emotion of the song forever."
The unique blend of sounds comes from BUZZY JAMES's slide guitar, KK MARTIN's pedal steel work, ERIC VON HERZEN's harp, DAN LUCETT & MICHAEL on the 2 acoustic guitars banging it out, and PAUL WILSON & TOM CROUCIER laying down a solid swampy feel. Not to mention, the beautiful piano arrangements and bluesy Hammond B3...create a record that's timeless yet modern and musically addicting...The band (each lead singers in their own right) come together not only with instruments but vocals reminiscent of The EAGLES and CSN&Y. In some tracks, they sound like Bowie, or Lenny Kravitz, or...this album's a real treat.The new January 2012 release of the album entitled "M.O.B." was produced by Michael Olivieri and mixed by legendary producer KEVIN BEAMISH (Kenny Chesney, REO, Leatherwolf) who tells us that the band has created a new musical genre. M.O.B.’s self-titled album is a hickory smoked blend of rock, pop and Southern rock, complete with slide guitar and harmonica.
Front and center of the Michael Olivieri Band (M.O.B.) is Michael Olivieri, the dynamic front man/vocalist and guitarist whose captivating voice was the driving force behind the success of seminal major label hard rock band, Leatherwolf. Add into the mixEric Von Herzen (h...arp); K.K. Martin (guitar, vocals); Buzzy James (guitars); Tom Croucier (bass);
Daniel Lucett (keyboards, guitars, vocals); and Paul Wilson (drummer). Olivieri, Martin, James, Croucier, Wilson, Lucett, and Von Herzen come together to create a unique style mixed with great songs and a strong vocal blend. But if you’re looking for Leatherwolf, you’re howling up the wrong tree. NEW CD "M.O.B."OUT NOW.


Snaki *Band Score 9.0/10* "These guys are here to Rock us for Good! Amazing Rock/Blues and Southern stuff!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2012
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