We want to present Killer Klowns, this Brazilian four piece emerges on the scene with a nice slab of traditional
Hard Rock flavored glam street,with catchy songs!
The band made several outstanding performances, among them the opening to Dr. Sin in Uberlβndia, Lizard
festival in Cuiabα, the festival Jambol in Uberlβndia, Arraial From Rock in France and the opening to the Virgins
in Uberlβndia. Killer Klowns participated in a collection of Hard Rock music in Minas Gerais with "Everytime",
with most other very strong bands and released their first EP in the first half of 2010 which featured five songs.
The release is scheduled for early 2012 in every biggest digital music stores by HEART OF STEEL RECORDS!

The release is scheduled for early 2012 in every biggest digital music stores by HEART OF STEEL RECORDS!


Question: Hi guys, tell us when you formed your group?

Killer Klowns: Hey guys, nice to talk to you! Well, this band was formed three years ago as an attempt to bring
back the classic hard-rock sound from the eighties and its energy as well. Brazil is really well know for its
death/thrash metal band, however it didn΄t mean much for us and we wouldn΄t give in and play somthing we didn΄t like.
So, here we are, representing Brazil as a street hard-rock/sleaze band in the 2000΄s.

Question: What is the genre of your sound?

Killer Klowns: Actually I would define us only as classic rock, althought we have influences from the hard-rock from the
seventies and eighties, as well as some heavier stuff like the NWOBHM and the early thrash-metal bands from the bay area. Also, we carry out that "street" element from the LA glam scene, and a little bit of punk, like Misfits, Ramones and The Sex Pistols.

Question: what is the source of inspiration for the lyrics?
Who writes them?

Killer Klowns: The biggest inspiration for our lyrics comes from Bon Scott. That guy really knew how to write sarcastic,
as well as humorous stuff. The truth is that we don΄t take us too seriously and most of our lyrics are about our day-to-day stuff, or either we΄ll be joking about something, nothing heavy indeed. Our songs are like scape routs for you to have fun and relax, and we do that through simple words and songs.

Question: Do you think that English is the universal language now?

Killer Klowns: I believe so. We are able to communicate to anyone worldwide by using English, and that΄s fine by us.
If you get the message and you΄re having fun listening to our songs, we got what we intended.
We donpt rule out singing in Portuguese one day, since many artists have done that really well in the past, like
Os Mutantes, Secos e Molhados, Velhas Virgens, Raul Seixas and many other, however I don΄t think about doing
that right now

Question: what are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "KILLER KLOWNS"?

Killer Klowns: Actually the name is inspired by the 80΄s horror B movie called Killer Klowns from Outer Space,
which is a great movie. We picked that name up because it sounds great, despite the fact that you can memorize
it really easily. And, also it brings out that humorous touch that I mentioned earlier too.

Question: your album will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations?

Killer Klowns: Well, we΄re putting out a very good record out, modesty aside. We΄re really proud of it and we expect
that people out there enjoy it as much as we do. Having the opportunity of promoting it worlwide is something the we
dreamt ever since the day one. The more people listen to it, the more the will get crazy over our album, you can be
sure of it!

Question: How did you decide to sign the record deal with

Killer Klowns: Mirco offered us a really good deal and a really organized internet media plan and we decided to
take a shot. We are really pround of being part of Hear of Stell΄s team and we΄re looking forward to have all the
italians and europeans headbanging old school style with us when we have the chance to meet (LOL).

Question: To promote the record are you planning a live tour?

Killer Klowns: In order to promote our record, we intend to play as much as we can. We΄re currently booking the
first leg of our tour here in Brazil, and then we intend to play Europe and US if it΄s possible. Getting in touch with
lots of people out there to take our music as far as possible.

Question: have you played in some important festivals?

Killer Klowns: We΄ve already played tond of festivals in here, and we played with the biggest artists from our country:
from Sepultura to Angra, Velhas Virgens and Made in Brazil. We have played more than a hundred gigs, which is pretty considerable for a tiny underground band. But we centainly want much more, we wanna play the whole world.

Question: I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet?
technological development? or it's changed the mentality of the fans?

Killer Klowns: I΄d like to tell a story about that: When I was a kid, I would cross the whole town just to borrow an
eight-track from a friend of mine, and then I would record it into a cassete tape, and after that I would make an efford
to by the album. That΄s something that doesn΄t exist anymore. People sonpt seem to care anymore about the artists
and how much efford it takes to record an album, an EP or whatever. However, I think that we΄re facing a big change
in the whole music industry, and things can΄t be like that forever, otherwise we won΄t have many people willing to write
music in a near future.

Question: You're certainly not a international mainstream band,
how do you judge the underground music scene?

Killer Klowns: I love underground music, cause it represents the real music, made by real people in the streets out there. Here in Brazil we΄ve got lots of great performers that media will never know about them, but, in fact I don΄t care about that, as long as we have a spot to show our work out there and don΄t get exploited by some of those so-called producers, who only want to bleed the true artists. The underground scene demands a little bit more of professionalism, in order to be self-sufficient.

Question: tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?

Killer Klowns: Actually, we΄re a very funny band, we get along to each other really well and we΄re being silly all of the
time indeed. We have lots of fun up onstage and I hope you guys have a change to check us out as soon as possible.
From falling off stage to fucking the guitar you can expect nothing but a real good time from us! I think that it!
We΄re the Killer Klowns and we΄ll surely blow your minds!

Album information:
Killer Klowns participated in a collection of Hard Rock music in Minas Gerais with
"Everytime", with most other very strong bands and released their first EP in the first
half of 2010 which featured five songs.
The new album called "Rollecoaster ride" contains 11 songs and will publish
in 15th March 2012 in every webstores, like Itunes, Amazon, Spotify,
Emusic, Deezer and many more.

Track list:
01. Until the end
02. Rollecoaster ride
03. Everytime
04. Addicted to her
05. Years gone by
06. Wild place
07. You can't win it all
08. Save your tears
09. Southern flight
10. Love burns
11. Don't take my heart

Digital Release-date: March 2012
Record Label: HEART OF STEEL Records
Cat. Number: HOS 1203

Heart Of Steel Records is an european independent record-label division of DEFOX Records, with
strong emphasis on classic and traditional Heavy/Power Metal & Hard-Rock, as well as previously
unreleased gems from the '80s, HIGH-QUALITY Music!
For more infos on Heart Of Steel Records:

Snaki -BeRock Radio Music Director: These guys are here to rock us for good, and I believe that they’re doing it perfect! They are pure Rockers and what “comes out” from them is pure Rock Energy in Great music!
DEFOX Records & Heart Of Steel Records delivered a pure Rock Gem and that’s why we have
to say thanks about this!!

Snaki *Band Score 10/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2012
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