In one word, Jason Cassidy is “real.” Upon meeting him, you instantly feel like your kicking back with an old friend. With insight that often takes a lifetime to develop, Jason’s values shine through in his music and the listener easily finds a little piece of themselves in every song. For an artist who prides himself on writing from his own life experiences, his honest telling of trials, tribulations, heartaches and blessings is his path to making lifelong fans. Cassidy, Montgomery, Texas native, debuted on the scene late last year with his own blend of Texas musicality and Nashville-style vocals and the radio hit, “Sounds Like an Angel To Me.” The take-off first single from his album MY REDEMPTION, “Angel” is a story of that life-changing relationship, something more than just the excitement of dating. A musical reminder of how meaningful it is to find someone that brings out your best and essentially allows you to rediscover yourself, the song reached #17 on both the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Regional Radio Report.
“I was shocked that „Angel‟ was such a hit my first time out,” said Cassidy. “A lot of time was spent preparing and choosing it for the debut single and I'm glad that fans took to it the way they did.”On the heels of “Angel‟s” success, Cassidy released his sophomore effort, “Honky Tonk Heaven,” a swampy, mystical song popular at his live shows,
on April 18, 2011. With a new production idea in mind, Cassidy re-recorded the single to feature drums and a faster tempo to differentiate it from the original album cut. Already a hit with radio programmers and deejays, the single took on a life of its own and burst onto both Texas charts after only three weeks of airplay. "'Honky Tonk Heaven' is about meeting my long-gone country music heroes in the afterlife," says Cassidy. "… I really enjoy the imagery of picking up tickets at God's will-call window, walking through swinging doors and seeing Cash, Jennings, Hank and Lefty pickin' and grinnin' as if they were still with us today.” A raw vulnerability surrounds Cassidy’s music and his relatable lyrics have a lived-in feel, like a favorite pair of jeans or cowboy boots. This organic style, one that is instantly appealing to fans looking for authenticity, has allowed Cassidy to perform full-time for more than four years to a large following of fans. These same fans stayed loyal as he powered through the ups and downs associated with pursuing a music career."My Redemption," the title track of the CD, truly tells the story of Cassidy’s journey to where he is today. Once surrendering to the challenges of a performing artist, Jason has truly found the balance between his demanding career and his family, friends and community. It has greatly affected his appreciation of what really matters in life and the audience can hear that in his songs. “When you sing songs from your heart it's so glorifying, you can't
get enough,” Cassidy exclaims. “I am so thankful and grateful for the fans and the patience they have shown throughout the years.”With this new outlook, Cassidy is also able to add a signed deal with the newly formed independent label A-Blake Records out of Houston to his plan for success. This plan, which already includes Rick Hogan of On the Chart Promotions in Nashville, allows Cassidy to position himself as a contender in the
music industry. “Having a professional team behind me that believes in my music makes a world of difference in the grand scheme of things,” Cassidy says. “With their help and direction, I am able to take my career to the next level and concentrate on writing, performing and getting my music out to the fans. I can't wait to get on the road this summer and introduce my songs to new audiences.”When he’s not promoting his music or recording, Cassidy cherishes any down time with friends and family, engaging in his favorite activities of hunting and fishing when he has the chance.
In one word, he’s keeping it “real.”


Luciana *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

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