This sums up perfectly the heart and soul of Jac Dalton. Optimism and tenacity are no stranger to this renegade Southern gentleman
who has never taken the easy way with anything he’s pursued. The first example of this was age six when he climbed up and leapt from
a high dive into an icy pool - never considering for a moment he could neither fly nor swim. Thank Heaven for those rare occasions when
experience leaves butt bruises. Other examples of Jac’s rebel spirit include his first Las Vegas review, secured by volunteering to perform trapeze at the Bal Du Moulin Rouge – something he’d never before attempted; in his words, ‘how different could it be from diving?’ (which he excelled at after finally learning how to swim). Jac’s first singing gig was landed upon presenting an inaccurate, impromptu rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ after being called-on-the-mat for heckling mates auditioning for a major show. Later, Jac graduated at the top of his Doctoral class, having commenced studies ‘far from the sharpest shovel in the bunch’. Considering such a nature, it is little wonder that when he and co-writer Darren Mullan first set their hearts to the 3-year-production of their first album ‘From Both Sides’, Jac realized very quickly just how far into uncharted waters they were treading with regard to the style and demands of their evolving music. Country/rock had never sounded like this before - not in the US - and certainly not in Australia - proof that when you slide down the banister of lofty ass-perations going against the grain, you’re likely to end up with splinters in your ca-rear. But that ain’t all ‘ba-a-a-a-a-d’… (Aussie innuendo… haw!). It was for this reason renegade Nashville producing legend Gregg Brown and Ardent Studios’ Grammy award winning guru John Hampton, expressed interest in producing Jac’s newest album – ‘ICARUS’ - expanding and pushing rebel convictions even farther away from the safety and expectation of convention. When Gregg and Jac first spoke, ICARUS was slated to follow in similar steps as the first album – ‘a pop/rock freight train thundering masterfully along slick progressive country tracks, powered by classic Australian rock & roll riffs’. However about half way through developing and recording demos for the album, fickle mistress fate showed up, tornado-ing the whole project in a direction no one would’ve dreamed it would go in a million years - a veritable heli in a hailstorm. Enter the 2008 Star Music Instrumental Guitar Award Winner, Graham Greene. Jac and Graham teamed-up at the insistence of Australian indie music proponent and visionary, Nana Mex Juestel of GTN Radio (www.globalthundanetwork.com). Despite the country overtones of Jac’s first album, it was obvious there was an underlying earthquake of thumping rock screaming to be unleashed. Graham’s legacy of mature melodic rock provided both the catalyst and clarity for the direction the new album needed to go. And once the first collaboration ‘Eye of the Storm’ was demoed brandishing the influences of Whitesnake, Meatloaf, Sting, Boston and Fleetwood Mac – there was no turning back - the result was absolutely staggering! So, farewell to the boots and roots, and hello to the gift of flight with ‘Icarus’. Rock may never again be the same! Jac’s first album, ‘From Both Sides’, continues to enjoy commendable attention across the globe in numerous markets - its highlight, the track ‘I Want Love’ debuting in the European Top 40 Country Charts at Number 30 the week it was released. Significant credit for this goes to GTN who continue to actively promote Australian independent artists – and this album since its release. The matriarch of this expanding, ambitious network is a loveable, cheeky, highly-motivated lady affectionately known to all as ‘Nana Mex’. And if you think one voice is lost to the madding crowd, then you’ve never met our Nana. Choosing Australia for her permanent home, as did Jac (originally from North Carolina), this dedicated, high-spirited lady continues to pursue unsung, undiscovered possibilities across the great South Land, promoting Australian indie rock, country and blues music to a world very much in need of noticing. With a few more like our Nana, it won’t be long before independent music starts rivaling the majors. In addition to wringing-out his soul writing tracks for ICARUS that are ‘all killer & no filler’, Jac and the band have taken upon themselves the responsibility of doing something to aid and support rural communities across this great southland doing it hard at the moment.
From conscience springs a very unique bridging charity called LandAid (www.landaid.org.au). LandAid’s mission is to help communities in need to achieve worthwhile goals enabling them not only to survive hardships, but thrive despite ongoing tribulations. To this end Jac and co-writer Darren Mullan have written a rallying song entitled ‘Can Almost Taste the Rain’ being produced in Nashville alongside the album. The song celebrates the strength and heritage of Australia’s rural farming backbone, providing hope where it becomes harder and harder to believe. Once the song is available, every cent it generates from downloads, CD sales, media, advertisements, performance rights, APRA etc. goes to aid areas where help is needed most. It is hoped that native son, Keith Urban, will perform on the track with Jac, enabling LandAid to make significant inroads and progress before Australia’s agricultural backbone is so far outta whack that not even a gifted Chiropractor (like our CrackerJac) could fix it. It was this drought song that first set imaginations to stirring, drawing Jac and Graham together. Jac and Graham express their gratitude to Nana Mex and Global Thunda Network for the insight and persistence in merging their talents and dreams. The ICARUS project has become more than a colossal collaboration and an exceptional band with a promising future… it is a reuniting of kindred – lots of them. And with that degree of perpetuation… amazing things are very likely. A famous artist unknowingly summed-up ICARUS when he stated the following in regard to his greatest work…
‘I saw Angels in the marble and carved until I set them free’.

Sofi "Heaven": *Band Score 9.5/10* "Incredible Band that excites you with their tunes.
Melodic Rock/Hard Rock at its best!!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2012
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