High Road Easy is a melodic rock band from Germany.
Teaming up in March 2008, Jan Knopf and Sven Horlemann were instantly hitting off with each other.
Within three weeks six great melodic rock gems were written and demoed. HIGH ROAD EASY were born.
"It's fun, says Sven, "to write the words that compliment his singing. And I do really love his voice.
I always did." These demo tracks reflected their melodic rock influences. But most of all they present
Jan at his best - with his strong, clear, emotionally rich singing that surely will be a surprise to many.
Jan profits from years singing in his cover band Juke Box Heroes. Foreigner, Journey, Toto, Rainbow, Bad English,
Deep Purple are classic rock highlights that are the core of his musical taste. Enter Sven Horlemann, busy guitar
wizard, bass player, songwriter, producer and mixer for various outfits, most notably the three Ocean Bed releases.
Being aware of the extraordinary talents of Jan - both live in Karlsruhe, Germany, and are part of the local music
scene for ages - he always had in mind to team up with Jan to write some songs.
"We started the song writing session with talking about our favourite songs, and listen to them, Sven remembers.
"It was a great way to tune into each other. I prepared several songs ideas, but they didn't work very well.
Fortunately, I found a way to give Jan some basic layouts for him to improvise melodies.
From that point on the record wrote itself easily."
November 15, 2012, High Road Easy release their 2nd album "Drive".

Blessed with one of Germanys finest rock voices, Jan Knopf shines in all songs. Riffs, grooves and keyboard hooks
are delivered by multi-instrumentalist Sven Horlemann. The perfect playground for both artists to explore their
creative possibilities. Adding to the excitement are guest musicians, like musical composer Stefan Wurz' piano
contributions on the latest release "Drive".


Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.5/10* "I believe that these guys have to offer plenty to music, the German hope for Melodic Rock music."
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2009
Release Year:2012
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