Paul Gunn
Luke Gunn
Leo McPherson
Nathan Thomas Gunn


Hailing from Thurso, in the far North of Scotland, rock band ESTRELLA was formed in 2004 by the brothers, Paul (Vocals), Luke (Lead Guitar) and Nathan Gunn (Bass Guitar). In 2005, the band relocated to Aberdeen to pursue a career as full-time musicians and in 2010 made a significant change to their line-up by unearthing a real gem in Elgin's Leo McPherson (Drums) who sounds as though he’s been playing with the guys for years! Their sound is primarily 70/80s infused rock – think Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Van Halen – awash with melody and riffs, thunderous beats and anthemic choruses – all the ingredients of a dynamic fresh new rock sound for today. Big hair, big riffs, killer tunes, dynamic on stage impact – ESTRELLA - does what it says on the tin - PLAYS ROCK - something for everyone!

Drinking late into the night and viewing the film “Rock Star” complete with Spanish subtitles - yes they don’t know why
either – the brothers realised the word “Estrella” meant “star” in Spanish – resulting in a name for their “first” band. However, over the years, as the Gunn’s gigged throughout the Highlands and until their eventual move to Aberdeen that name just seemed to stick!

Newly arrived in Aberdeen in September 2005, Estrella was the opening act at Northsound 1 Radio's “Free at the Dee” live music event, performing in front of 30,000 people. In 2006, other achievements included winning the Scottish Bandwagon/Local Hero Competition (performing at the final in the Islington Carling Academy in London) and winning the Best New Band Award at the Global Battle of the Bands, judge Matt Walker said “Estrella were real contenders. They gave a great performance. They hit the stage running and they were full of energy and enthusiasm. And I’m sure they will be a band to look out for in future.”
During this time they also released their first self-titled EP, carried out a tour of Scottish schools in conjunction with local cancer charity UCAN, gigged throughout the UK and then in 2009 went on to perform at the Malta Rock Festival.

After a change in line up in 2010, the guys started working on their debut album in 2011. Deliberately retaining a low profile, the guys relocated to the Aberdeenshire countryside to focus on writing/producing new material in collaboration with John T Sinclair (Rock Musician). The Gunn brothers first met John T Sinclair at a music workshop in Thurso, just after John had retired from his live music career, notably as keyboard player to Ozzy Osbourne and band member of both Uriah Heep and The Cult. Over the years, they remained in contact and when it came to finding a producer for their debut album, John was their first choice.British Sound Engineer, Ashley Howe, who has worked previously with bands such as Queen, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep, then completed the final mixing of the band’s album. So between commutes from their countryside hideaway in Aberdeenshire to John’s studio in Inverness and then to London for final production/engineering on their new tracks, the guys were kept busy!

Andreas "RockBelt" *Band Score 9.0/10* "Full of talent, youthful band which shows that the Rock scene can be "Fresh"!! I did not know these guys until I listen the Show of Paul Nicholls on BeRock Radio! So...Thanks Paul!!
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2012
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