St. Louis, Mo. - to all the die hard rock fans around the world, you can now spread the word. Haven’t you had enough of the
melancholy whiny want to hang myself music? If you like classic dirty rock ‘n roll, Dust and Bones is the band for you.
Rock N Roll has taken a back seat far too long and Dust and Bones calls “shotgun”. Dust and Bones officially became a band
in April, 2008. Band members include Nick Elmore (lead/backing vocals/harmonica) Sean Quidgeon (guitars/backing vocals),
Jon “Big Dawg” Jackson (bass/lead/backing vocals) and Ryan Riggs (drums/backing vocals). These guys are perfectionists when
it comes to blending their respective talents. The chemistry between them is evident when you see them perform on stage
together. They are a melodic, funky, freaky, dirty, sleazy, hard rock band who knows how to grab an audience. They utilize
fun and catchy hook oriented songs that make you want to dance. These types of songs stick in your head. You’ll be singing
them over and over. They are that good. From the awesome drums to the great melodic tunes – to the guitar solo’s with such
incredible runs. They are high energy with an attitude. Dust and Bones are the little voices in your head that argues
with your conscience. “Go ahead, have another.” Or, “It’s only nasty if you think so.” There is nothing wrong with letting
loose of your inhibitions. Go ahead try it. They will be there with you, trying it themselves.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 9.0/10* "A Rockin' Melodic Hard Rock Band from United States!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2011
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