So who is this guy?.. this artist... David J Caron ?, you may wonder and what is his biography in relation to his musical work.. Well if you really wanna know, he’s an Irish/Italian musician, who grew up in England, now living in Ireland.. his main instrument is the guitar but what he is first and foremost as an artist, is a composer, writer, and producer. but more than this he is an exclusive inventor of unique and innovative, melodic, powerfull meaningful music that exists on a new wavelength and approach, steering away from the mainstream you’ve heard before,. Words used to describe his music have been hard to find, when it does not slot into any one known genre precisely.. “Epic” and “different” have been suggested by some,, whether rightly or wrongly..He has just released his debut album, which he has been recording for the last 18 months, a length of time due mainly to the fact that it contains 28 tracks, unheard of for a debut album, but no track of which he felt he could leave off the album, though still priced as a single album. A backlog of songs and themes some of which originated many years previous that he felt he had to finally unveil
and unleash to the world, in order to free himself for the next build up of ideas waiting to be born from the cauldron of his incessantly prolific particular mind.. So..what if there is no biography as such of any relevance?. What if it just starts here and now?. Well here and now his universe does burst into life.. with an almighty bang.. A biography is a detailed description or account of someone's life which presents the subject's life story, David J Caron has condensed and bared his story, his soul, his demons and fantasies, his observations, his belief and essence of character, for all to see and hear, with a deep reaching integrity and unexampled style, in the way he does best, in his music and in his words, letting the result speak for itself without the ever-present bullshit that many others feel they need to opt for to imbelish and mask their music with.Open your ears and open your mind, see what you hear, you won’t forget what you find..Here he is.. this is only the beginning of what he can do.. ..the 1st chapter.. either you like it or either you don’t..
what else truly matters..?
In April 2012 released his debut double album “Thru Ever Ending Black” (GMG Records) which is now available to download on itunes, amazon, spotify etc.. It is also available on CD at GMG Records as well as Amazon.com.

Album Information:
David J Caron : Thru Ever-Ending Black
Label: (GMG Records)

1. It Gathers
2.Look out
3.Time Machine
4. Comin' to get you
5.Memory Magnetic
6. Feels of Fire
7. Frozen Ice
8. Unbreakable
9. Dark Of Night
10. The Knights
11. Too Much Little Time
12. Who are you
13. Wall of life
14. Beam the ray
15. In Me
16. Still just one Moon
17. Escapin' Back
18. One by One
19. Irreplaceable
20. Unlock it apart
21. So let there be Light
22. The One
23.Has to be
24. Legendary
25. I am your Shadow
26. The tree that waits
27. This is now

All tracks written & performed By: David J Caron
Produced By: David J Caron
Co-produced & Engineered By: Rob Mancini
Recorded & Mixed at Glasshouse Music Studio One
Mastered My: Andy Mitchell at Audio Bay Mastering


Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 9.0/10* "I was amazed from the quality of music by this talented and creative artist. A melodic rock diamond is already released and waits for melodic rockers to get it!
As about the score? I give him without second thoughts 9.0/10
! Don't miss it!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2012
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