ANGELS were formed in the Croatian coastal town of Crikvenica and since their first live performance
as a twelve year old girl rock band performing Guns’n’Roses and Bon Jovi, the band has not looked
back. Recording their first single at the ages of fifteen and sixteen, ANGELS fast became an
attraction for the mainstream media. The bands second single ‘Party Girl’ was an instant hit landing
themselves a position in Croatia’s Eurovision finals at the tender ages of sixteen and seventeen.
Signing a deal with the biggest mainstream label in the country (Croatia Records), the girls
followed up with another hit single for the Eurovision finals called ‘Little Witches’.
ANGELS then ventured out on a tour frenzy all across Croatia playing over a hundred live shows
eventually crossing paths with the person that would take them to the next stage in their careers.
Rock music promoter and Film Director from Australia, Steve Ravic recruited the girls to record a
song for the movie WARRIOR. The song ‘Slave Of Love’ was recorded in English and the girls formed
a new alliance with Steve Ravic and Vesna Trokter of Majestic Entertainment.
Performing yet another Summer Tour in 2009, the girls also hit the studio to record what would
be the first album to be recorded in both English and their native Croatian language.
The album ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ is also supported by four video clips which will be hitting the worlds
television screens for Christmas and New Years 2010. ANGELS will perform eleven shows in Australia
over the Summer holidays which will be filmed for Croatian and International television and the
bands first DVD after which they will again contest for Eurovision 2010. In support of their album
‘ROCK THE WORLD’, they will embark on a European Tour beginning at the Magic Circle Festival with
Manowar on July 11, 2010.

Prepare yourselves for a spectacular all female melodic rock band from the beautiful Adriatic coast
of Croatia. Other girls bands sing, but these girls ROCK! Not since the days of Heart and Vixen has
there been a female band so glamourous, yet so powerful and captivating.
We now embark on a new era of harmonious Hard Rock with the enchanting voices of four heavenly
ANGELS set to captivate the audiences of the world with their brand of Rock’n’Roll.
“Arm yourselves with positive energy and good will and we will bring you a performance that will
forever remain in your memories as a fantastic night to remember” remarks Mimi (vocals, guitar
& The Ace Of Hearts). “Our songs will liberate your emotions” says Matilda
(lead guitar, backing vocals and The Ace Of Spades). Inspired by bands Hard Rock bands such Bon Jovi,
Whitesnake and Guns’n’Roses, ANGELS fuse their inspirations together with a modern yet classic rock
sound and ‘melodic vocals with energetic music’ explains Tea (bass guitar, backing vocals and The
Ace Of Clubs). This band will not devalue themselves or undermine their audiences with lip-sync
or back tracks. Expect to see and hear real live Rock music! Intense yet breathtaking but above
all else, a lot of fun.

“Our songs are the type you sing along to in a car or at a party’ said Irena
(Drums, backing vocals and The Ace Of Diamonds). Regardless of whether you want to call it
melodic Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Arena Rock or just Rock’n’Roll, the one thing for
sure is that this music is for those who hunger for rock and even for those just craving
for an awesome party!

Mimi's biography:

My musical career began at six years of age when my mother enrolled in the school
choir because I was constantly singing, even in my mathematics class :-)
I already began performing at Independent concerts and festivals when I was in High School.
I began guitar classes and by the age of twelve I came upwith an idea to form an all-girl
Rock band and then Matilda and myself began searching for girls to make up the rest of the band.
After referrals by my guitar teacher, prof. Darka Majstorovića, I got in touch with some girls
that shared the same dream and so the band ANGELS was formed originally with five members.
Now It is the proud four, Irena (Drums), Tea (Bass), Matilda (Solo guitar) and myself Mimi
(Vocals and Guitar):) These days we are all University (College) students in Rijeka and Zagreb
but even though we have many obligations we still live our dream playing music.
In our time together we have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who have
helped us make our dreams a reality and to whom we are greatly thankful.
There is a long musical road ahead of us, many obstacles and hard work,
but we will give everything from ourselves to fulfil all our dreams
and I hope we don’t disapoint....

Name: Matilda Oroši
Matilda's biography:

My name is Matilda Oroši and I am 20 years old! I started doing music when i was 9 years old and
I finished the basic music school for classic guitar! When I was 12 I met Mimi and we got a great
idea to form a band and there we are ;o) ..... From then my life became very occupied with music
but I had never forgotten on my schooling obligations! We were always the best at the school
and also now when we are at Universities but beside that we rock all the time ;o)
When I have time for myself I like to listen to good music like Whitesnake, Guns'n'Roses or
Bon Jovi or read a good book! My favourite authors are Sheldon and Daniela Still...
Things that I like the most are live shows with my band, fashion, chocolate
and all kinds of fruits...

Tea's biography:

I was 8 yers old when I started to play, it was my mum's fault. First I wanted to play piano but
we live in a small apartment so there was no place for a piano. That's how I started to play guitar.
After 3 years in elementry music school I wanted to quit so I stopped going to classes just to
prove to my mother that I really didn't want to play anymore. After months of persuasion my mum
said ok even though she knew that I'll regret it, and she was right.
During elementry music school I met Matilda and Mimi, I already knew Irena, she's my neighbour.
The summer after I quit elementary school I heard from Vanessa (our ex keyboard player) that
they were starting a band and that they need a bass player. My first reaction was that that's great,
I'm in, because classical music is the reason I quit music school and I always wanted to play rock,
but after a few minutes I realised that I will play bass and I didn't want to do that because I
already played guitar, but I said ok.
I practiced for months before my mom bought me my first bass guitar and soon I really started to
like instrument that I'm playing, It's was interesting, and more like me :). The summer after I
joined the band I returned to music shool and finished it with excellent grades.
Our first gig was after three months, on 15.08.2002., we played Yesterday from Beatles,
Ne spavaj mala moja from Bijelo dugme and Knocking on heavens door from Guns'n'Roses.
We worked with our professor from music school Darko Majstorović for two years but only on a
local level, after that we met Mario Šimunović and started to work with him until 2008.
During that time we had a lot of shows all over Croatia, we played with some of the greatest
performers like Toše Proeski and Nina Badrić and we had a summer tour all over the Croatian
coast with Dragonfly. We are specially proud on Dora '06 contest, where we were debutant's and
our song 'Party Girl' made the finals.
Last year we met Steve Ravić producer from Australia. We signed with him and so far things are
going great. We had some great videos, including a rockumentary, we recorded our first album
in Croatian and English and we are really proud of our work and we hope you like it :))....

Name: Irena Rogović
Irena biography:

My name is Irena. I am 20 years old and play the drums in a girl band called Angels.
My story begins in a school choir, which I was a member of and so were the other girls.
One day they came to me and asked me if I wanted to play drums in the band... It was a shock
to me cause I have never considered playing drums and didnt think I was the right person for
the "job". I have played an instrument before called "bisernica" and so I thought: I have rhythm,
can sing, think I have talent for music so... Why not? Asked my parents if they agree an so
it began...I started taking private classes with the same teacher who ran the music school the
other girls went to. His name is Darko Majstorović and he is the person who is responsible for
our beginning, he even helped us pick the name for the band. Lets just say that we had some
crazy names in mind and thank God we didn't pick them :)
And then came our first concert.. It was in our home town Crikvenica and that is the date that
we will always remember and celebrate every year as our anniversary 15.08.2002.
After two years, a man called Mario Šimunović came into our lives and then it started being
something serious. We were no longer cute young girls who play music just for our friends
and family, we started performing in front of a bigger audience, recorded our fist single
and started having real fans of our music. This was the moment when we realised that it is
what we want to do in life, not maybe as the main thing but as a "professional hobby".
We all have things we are interested in aparts from music but it is the music that keeps us

Snaki *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2010
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