Sevi - vocals
Ivan Angelov- guitars
Tania Apostolova - keyboard
Rally Velinov - bass
Pavlin Ivanov - drums


In January 2010 in order to develop her career and popularize her music Sevi formed a band also called "SEVI"
Members of the band became five talented musicians. Valentin Nikolov – drums, Tania Apostolova – keyboards,
Rally Velinov – bass guitar, Todor Todorov and Vladimir Donkov –guitars. In August 2010 the two
guitar players left the band and as a new member joined the former giuitar player of t...he alternative band
AWAKE – Peter Bratanov. They realised together the project "Can't Stand The Pain". In March 2011 lead guitar
of the band became Ivan Angelov. The original soft rock style of the band impressed the public and media
very fast and Sevi were presented in many radio and TV shows. The Late show "Denis & Friends"
on the National TV, Chanel 3 , Tv Skat, Z Rock, The National Radio, Radio ORV etc. Since 01.10.
2010 the songs of SEVI are in the "Golden Archive " of the National Bulgarian Radio !
On 13.11.2010 Sevi band won first place award for original composition with the song "Figther For Happiness"
at Sonic B.A.N.G competition Bulgaria! People can listen to Sevi on "Imradio", "Radio Sofia, Radio Plovdiv,
ManyMore Radio",Rock Symphony Radio Peru, Reverbnation, Serdica Music, "Womens Radio", Radio 105.net Italy,
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and many others. Оn 24.06.2011 SEVI released their first official single and
video "Can't Stand THe Pain". It was the first video to be presented on cinema in Bulgaria.
On 11.11.11 SEVI released a secon single and video to the song "Limited Edition".
They are now working on an album which is expected to go out in January 2012.

Sevi was born Svetlana ILieva Bliznakova in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was drawn into music before she could
even talk.During the years she devoted her time and energy to music, arts and proper education.
Searching her style she tried opera singing and national folk music. After graduation she entered the
University of Sofia in the opera class in order to develop her music talent. After the first year against
all odds, she committed herself to pop rock music instead of Opera. True to her own heart, she started all
over again, further developing her talent in the class of Etien Levi, a famous Bulgarian Pop singer of
the 80s. In 10 months Sevi was already performing on stage . She also started composing songs and lyrics.
In 2004 Sevi won the first prize and the special award of the jury participating at the “National
Competition for Singers”,Sofia. In 2005 she participated with 2 author songs and won the first prize at
the “International Belozem Festival”. These two songs were published in the Festival Cd compilation for 2006.
Again in 2005 Sevi was invited by the italian producer Rocco Milano to take part in a CD compilation for
the Peace with her song “On My Own” which she recorded with the Italian rock band “Eldritch”.
The compilation was edited by the organization Art’s Planet. In 2006 Sevi participated with an author
song on the” International Pop-Rock Competition for Singers and Composers” in Turnovo (Bulgaria).
By now she has written more than 50 songs in English and Italian
She has been the only Bulgarian singer to sing in the show of Sky TV Italy in “Club Lost” during the
Festival of Sanremo in 2007. She co-written many new songs with Rally Velinov ( musician and songwriter
who is also author of the arrangements of many of her recordings).In summer of 2008 Sevi recorded 11 new
songs in collaboration with Rally Vellinov and the guitar player Peter Bratanov. She presented six of
them on one hour live interview on WSF radio Chicago on 4th July 2009. In August 2009 her song
“Fighter For Happiness” was presented on “Many More Radio”Uk.
In January 2010 in order to develop her career and popularize her music Sevi formed a band also called
“SEVI” On 13.11.2010 Sevi won first place award on the Sonic B.a.n.g competition for original
song/composition with their song “Fighter For Happiness” !! The song was chosen among the compositions
of 75 talanted composers from Bulgaria.

Born in 1981 into a family of actors Rally grown up in an artistic atmosphere. He graduated Musical High
School in Sofia in 2001 where he developed his musical skills. He played horn and piano. Later he joined
some local rock bands and started learning guitar and bass guitar. In 2005 he met Sevi – rock singer
and songwriter and realised the arrangements of some of her songs. Rally and Sevi became a great team
together working on her author projects . In 2010 they formed a band also called SEVI in order to present
their work to the audience.

Raised by a family of musicians,
Tania was drawn into music in her early childhood years.
She graduated the National Music Highschool with piano
in 2006 and the National Music Academy in 2010 as a sound engineer.
During the years Tania has won several awards on national
and international music competitions .
She is now continuing her education, specializing Magistracy
in Music Pedagogy at the Naтional Music Academy!

Born in Lovetch, Ivan was drawn into music in his early years, inspired by his grandparents who were
musicians. He showed interest in blues and rock and started playing in a band. Searching his style and
personality he worked with several bands in different styles. Recently Ivan was invited to play with
Sevi where he believes to have finally found what he was looking for.
Also interested in engineering, he is currently studying Sound Engineering in
New Bulgarian University Sofia!

Snaki *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

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