The band REMA was started in 2002 by Kobi Manjgaladze (Kobi) – guitar and David Changoshvili (Chango),
young drummer. The band was playing Progressive Metal.
2002-2005 REMA was a new band, playing at some small gigs, primarily for a limited circle of friends.
It was not until 2005 when the band lineup was settled:
Kobi Manjgaladze (Kobi) – guitar
David Changoshvili (Chango) – drums
Nick Leshchenko – vocals
Zaza Jojua – bass

2006 was rather successful for REMA, for it was no more a beginner band. A video was shot for the
song “Unconscious Feeling”. The band was invited to take part in numerous TV programs; they had a
lot of live shows. Beginning from 2006 the band actively participated in most popular events
presented by DJ Rock, the leading Georgian promoter.
2007 was marked by deep misunderstanding within REMA as a result of which Kobi left the band.
A new guitar player Beso Kavtaradze joined REMA and the band continued working, leaving the name but
changing the style from progressive to alternative metal. Despite all efforts, the band failed to
maintain its former success. But in 2008, Kobi resumed his activity in his “native” band, having
cooperated with many Georgian musicians and participated in various projects within the past year.
Exactly at this time David Changoshvili (Chango) left the band, which was replaced by Irakli
Elizbarashvili (Dubbster). Featuring new lineup, the band, full of new creative ideas and energy
records 3 singles: “Rema”, “If”, “…And Scared”. Step by step the band restores its former status
on the Georgian stage. They participate in a competition called “Altervision”.
By that time (2009) DJ Rock paid more and more attention to REMA. Within one year he organizes the
band’s big solo-live and makes them headline the action called “No Restrictions In Rock” and famous
annual Festival “Tbilisi BLITZKRIEG Fest”, held in “Skate Park”. After these events DJ Rock becomes
REMA’s producer.
In the beginning of 2010 there are some more changes in the band’s lineup. This time the band was
left by drummer and bass player. An old friend of Kobi’s – George Kakalashvili (bass) and a very
young and talented drummer Daniel Adikashvili join REMA and they actively continue live performances
in various cities of Georgia. On June 5, 2010 DJ Rock arranges a trip to Armenia to participate in
“Play City Rock Festival”, where they had a real success. REMA became one of the best and popular
bands in Georgia. Upon returning to Georgia, “REMA Studios” is established, which became a real
home for the band. But at this very time due to the overflowed ambitions which ran counter to the
plans of the band and the producer, Nick Leshchenko and Daniel Adikashvili had to leave the band.
Two months left and on September 1, “REMA Studios” was robbed. The band had to recover and in 4
months Kobi and George meet Giga Chikhradze (drummer) and Nick Kiknadze (vocals).
They quickly and easily got along with each other and decided to make a joint project, called:
“REMA & FRIENDS. Tribute To Bon Jovi”, that had a great success and was set in 2 parts, as a
result of which Giga and Nick joined the band. They recorded 3 singles: "Tryin' To Believe",
"Screamin' 4 U" and "Gettin' Ready". One of them (“Trying To Believe”) was dedicated to the tragedy,
happened in Japan. Under the guidance of DJ Rock, the band starts active and well-thought-out work:
recordings, video shootings, photo sessions, rebranding of the band and taking Alternative/NU Metal
as their main style. The band starts to record new album.
REMA is invited to participate at one of the biggest Open Air Rock Festivals in Turkey –
“Anki Rock Fest 2011”, held on September 23/24/25 in Ankara.Also the band is going to play solo-Live
in Yerevan, Armenia, getting ready to play at a big Open Air event in the center of Tbilisi,

some gigs throughout Georgia and in February 2012 - to participate in a Festival in Dubai (UAE)

RockBoy (Alejandro) *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

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