AOK was formed in Manchester, England in 1988. The people and places, the ups and downs
and the music we created are all fully documented in Tony Bell’s book “Life In The Bus Lane”.
The book has definitely been a catalyst for what we’re doing now but to dwell on the past
would have been a cop out. That chapter is closed. Angels Or Kings is not a project about
revamping old songs. This is brand new material that we hope fans of hard melodic rock are
gonna love as much as we do.
So for now, we’re just here to say Hello and to invite you to keep checking back ‘cos
we’re gonna keep updating you on what we’re up to. Right now, we’re hard at work writing
new songs in our studio – the not so legendary Shabby Road! We hope to start recording
the album later in the year but will be giving some of the songs an airing on here every so often.
Check out the samples from our latest demos by clicking on the audio player. We have also
uploaded a couple of links to some videos from the old days just for fun as well as a link
to Tony’s book… Enjoy!

The Information below is written from the band:
It was the mid 80's and hair growing competitions were in full swing along with the back combed,
gravity defying specials kept in your back pocket for a Saturday night.
Cowboy boots filled every rock club like a Wild West saloon during the Gold Rush
and six pairs of those boots belonged to the boys in AOK.
From the start we had a plan...make music and have fun...Simple!
Never ones to shy away from a melody,
we set about writing songs and performing gigs as the vehicle for a dream.
A part of a healthy network of young UK AOR bands that criss crossed the country
playing anywhere and everywhere.
Prestige gigs with Danger Danger and Dare, record company showcases, open air festivals
and all the best rock clubs, the bread and butter of touring for a young band fed their hunger
for playing live. In the 80's, girls wanted to be told what you thought of them in a song and
AOK obliged. Loving The Danger, Two Souls, Why Can't Love Survive?
These songs left their mark and made for an interesting party later!
As the 80's came to a close, the music changed and it was time to move up at the bar
and let the next new young hopefuls in and wish them all the best.
AOK were a hard working, hard partying band who bowed out gracefully after years of fun...

...Until now! Rob Naylor, Steve Kenny and Tony Bell,
three of the the original members of AOK are back.
Why? Unfinished business? An itch we just can't scratch?
A love of melodic rock music we will share until the day we die?
The need to kickstart this party? Well it’s a resounding yes to all those questions!
A change of name to Angels Or Kings and a great new vocalist called Chop
has brought a freshness to our take on 21st century melodic hard rock.
With the same hunger and desire as before, locked away in Steve's studio writing songs,
our intention is to start recording an album by the end of 2011.
Even though it has been over 20 years, we are amazed by the amount of people
who remember the band and the interest the current activity has generated.
Our hairstyles and waistbands may have changed
but not our hearts when it comes down to the music we love.
Angels Or Kings welcomes you to our world and invites you to
comment, enquire, criticise, laugh, reminisce
about anything and everything with an open heart.
Most of all, we hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy making it.


RockBoy (Alejandro) *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

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