In March 2009 a colleague of Marcello Catalano Malcoun, drummer Franco Casini, got a foreign business man
to listen to a CD in which Marcello sang for a Journey tribute band,produced by Piero Eugenio Pierantozzi
(also on drums on the recording) The man liked Marcello's voice so much he decided to produce him.
At that time Marcello had no band and, as Franco was playing drums in a Eur...ope cover band with all great
musicians, he hired them to record the album. He had the need of four musicians with good live experience
as a band, and they were perfect. Marcello Catalano Malcoun wrote the ten songs for the debut album
"Frame of us". The album was recorded by Mauro Munzi at Acme Studios in Rome, mixed by Marco "Mastro Titta"
De Angelis at Soundtrack Studios in Rome and mastered at Sterling Sound Studios, N.Y.C., USA.
For personal and professional reasons Marcello's decided to change the whole line up of the band and four
new amazing musicians joined 8-is: Max Ranucci ( gt ), Giuseppe Cosseddu ( kb ), Gabriele Cipollini ( bs )
and Piero Eugenio Pierantozzi ( dr ).
Max Ranucci is Marcello's best friend and a very talented guitar player.They've been working togheter since
they were kids. The other guys are very good friends and, as musicians, best of the best! They all have
beautifull voices and that gives the band the opportunity to use amazing vocal harmonies live!


01. Everlasting Love
02. I'll Be There
03. Lady
04. The Final Courtain
05. Fallin' In Your Eyes
06. On And On
07. If You Turn Around
08. In My Life
09. Back To You
10. Tomorrow Comes Tonight


RockBoy *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2011
Website: www.8-is.com
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