WICKED SENSATION was founded in 1999 by guitarists Michael Klein and Sang Vong,
who both formerly had played together in the German Hard Rock band VAST, Karlsruhe/Germany.
Through a contact with Arjen Lucassen (ex-Vengeance, Ayreon) the band contacted and met
with Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon, Vulture), who joined them as their singer while they were
recording the debut album “Reflected” in 2000.
Shortly after finishing the recordings the band signed a worldwide record deal with the
Munich record label “Major MTM Music” on which “Reflected” was released worldwide in 2001.
WICKED SENSATION have been recognized as “The Hard Rock Newcomer of 2001” in several popular
rock magazines and gained exclusively above average reviews and ratings worldwide.
The well-known German magazine “Rock It” had chosen “Reflected” as an achiever for album
of the month. In the same year the band, accompanied by the English formation DARE,
went on a European tour, on which they were able to demonstrate impressively their outstanding
LIVE performance. Numerous gigs in clubs and at festivals followed the tour until the band
retreated to the songwriting for the follow-up album “Exceptional”.
Unfortunately at this stage the band separated from singer Robert Soeterboek.
In 2003 Fernando Garcia (ex-Victory) took over the post on the mic and “Exceptional” was released
via “Major MTM Music” record label. Moreover, in addition, a licensing agreement was also
reached with the Japanese label “Nippon Crown” and WICKED SENSATION was now in a position to
also increasingly gain fans in the Japanese music market.
WICKED SENSATION played together with famous bands like Nazareth, Roger Chapman, Axxis,
Vanden Plas, Saxon, Whitesnake M3, Saga, Jaded Heart, and among others before their brake-up
with singer Fernando Garcia. Shortly after the split from Fernando Garcia the band found
a suitable replacement with French Boban Milojevic, however, unfortunately at this point
the band had been so frustrated, that a resolution was inevitable in 2006.
Finally in 2009 Michael and Robert got together again and after several talks decided to
bring WICKED SENSATION back to live.
Now as a project strengthened by bassist and producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and
drummer Dirk Bruinenberg (ex-Elegy, Adagio, Patrick Rondat) as well as Bernd Spitzner
the third album was taken up which carries the title “Crystallized” and also includes
a guest appearance by Andi Deris (Helloween).

Heaven *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2001
Release Year: 2004
Release Year: 2010
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