Unchain A name that definitely fits for this powerful and energetic rockband from Berne,
downtown Switzerland. The music of the group reaches from sensitive blues over straight
rock to heavy hardrock. After all: They just want to plug the guitars in and rock the
house, no mercy. That is how rockmusic should be: catchy guitarriffs on a straight rhythm
and all mixed up with melody.
It’s only rock ’n roll - but Unchain loves it - definitely, without ifs and buts.
If you prefer real rock with rough edges, ageless elegance - you’re right with Unchain.
The Bernese lads are presenting an awesome rock album, which abounds and presents
multi-packed melodies - to be good for a stadium-hymn.
“Plug & Play” is not only the name of the first album, it’s also the motto of a band
being connected with deep friendship. They’re still here - the old heroes of the rock ’n roll.
The rolling stones even fill up airport fields today, AC/DC - concerts are celebrated symbols
of the never dwindling fountain of youth, Krokus as “young” as ever.
This rock virus also inspired and passed on to Unchain.
As little kids they’ve already dreamed of giving concerts in sold out stadiums and exercised
playing the guitar on tennis rackets in front of a mirror.
The dreams still last, but in the meantime the tennis rackets have been exchanged with real
electric guitars. Unchain rocks since 2005 - and since two years in today’s formation,
rocking through the clubs of Switzerland. Tom, Mike, Emi, Pasi and Marco. They were able
to show their competence as opening band of Steve Lukather and Uriah Heep.
They’ve played in the legendary Muhle Hunziken and several Swiss events like Bikermeeting
Sumiswald. For its Swiss cd debut “Plug & Play” (abroad already a silberling among other
things names published) could Unchain obligate no smaller ones as Tommy Vetterli as producer.
The inhabitant of Zurich was once an experienced guitarist and has the volume by its references
as a producer for redeem or pure inc. Convinced. “it was madly to work with him“, remembers
the singer tom Fischer and Swarms at the same time: “we are no studio professionals, our strength
lies on the stage. Therefore we needed some guidance. Tommy hang-got that perfectly.
“under pressure became in one month (including mix!) that optimum taken out.
Our slogan is: “Plug & Play”!
One, two, three, go!
Unchain stands at the start!

Heaven *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2005
Release Year: 2009
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