Brand new but already a classic, The Dirty Pearls come straight from the streets of New
York City, all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll bravado delivered with sharp hooks, witty lyrics
and a seedy swagger reminiscent of the finest 1970’s-era rock acts. Fans have christened
the band the “Supergroup of the East Village” as much for their pedigree (their lineup boasts
former members of some of NYC’s best ...and most beloved local bands) as for their consistently
sold-out—every NYC gig to date, in fact—live shows.
The band’s history begins with lead singer Tommy London, who in early 2006 set out in search
of four fine young men eager to stir up some NYC-style rock n' roll; four guys intent on
resurrecting the magic conjured by The Ramones and The New York Dolls. Guitarist
Johnny B. and drummer Marty E. arrived first, followed soon after by guitarist Tommy Mokas
and bassist Doug Wright. And The Dirty Pearls were born.
Their high-energy live shows will make your heart pound and your feet stomp and if you
on't leave singing a Dirty Pearls song, then you were never really there at all.
Real rock n’ roll has wipe that smile off your face!

Snaki *Band Score 9.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

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