It’s about so many years that "they" constantly consider AOR on the way to extinction, if not quite dead; but in spite of all, AOR music is without doubt alive again.
It's a scene that counts on records passed to the history of rock music, and is still able to produce great works and forge musicians ready to capture the admiration of many true fans all over the world, the die hard ones that keep alive this genre with their unconditional and infinite faith.
Along this fairy tale, a new sensational project called Shining Line was born.
Founded by drummer and songwriter Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti (founding member of Italian hard 'n' heavy band Sovversivo, whom he recorded together three demos and opened for well-known names of the international heavy metal scene just like Virgin Steele, Omen, Labyrinth, Extrema and many others), that found his ideal partner in his longtime friend and bass player Amos Monti, Shining Line project shared immediately a real and unquestionable attitude in trying to build a real monster album, created both to pay tribute to the great sonorities of the golden era, and offers to all the loyal fans of the immortal adult oriented melodies a deep and real feeling to thanks them for keeping alive the flame.
Just a brilliant sensation born from fans for all the fans.

There is no serious melodic rock addicted in the world that, today, hasn't into his personal discography albums performed by worldwide known talents such as Robin Beck, Harry Hess, Michael Bormann, Bob Harris or Michael Voss.
Every name involved as guest into the line-up of Shining Line project provided a top class performance, giving to every single song an invaluable artistic touch.
An honorable mention deserve also the presence of the best artists of the Italian hard-rock scene, all reunited together in a real dream line-up.

"When I decided that was time to open the doors of my melodic creativity" - says Zorro - "I had absolutely no doubt concerning the choice of the producer for a so important adventure: Alessandro Del Vecchio, a longtime friend and invaluable musician, shared through the world his great ability of singer, songwriter and performer thanks to acclaimed works with his personal project Edge Of Forever, and his collaborations with true legends like Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice (along also with the two renowned releases as Moonstone Project), becoming through the years an unquestionable reference for a new generations of hard-rock bands, that chosen him behind the mixing desk to be sure to get the real rock sound they were searchin' off".
The involving into the line-up of the legendary American hard-rock band Axe in 2009 was another confirm of his growing and respectable reputation, culminated the same period with the call of Michael Eden that asked him to become the new official member in the line-up multi-national rockers Eden's Curse.

Top melodic rock and AOR music is represented, from the golden era, by three main elements: great vocals, catchy melodies and bombastic sound.
For this reason, who better than Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, and winner with Chris Laussman of the important Alumni Award in Germany for the astonishing "Voices Of Rock" project) could have been called to treat the fundamental role of mix & mastering sessions?
Michael assembled all the elements with his great experience and magical touch building a real monster sound, perfect to combine roaring guitars, angelic keyboards and killer melodies into a unique top-notch quality result.

Snaki *Band Score 9.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

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