Sencelled is a Swedish four-piece rock band from a suburb just north of Stockholm.
Their music is essentially melody-driven rock (not that far from AOR) with a twist
of the power pop of say, Rick Springfield - mixed with a small part of the Green Day
of the 90's. It's music from the heart, aboutlove, suburbian life and the urge to get
out of your shell and make something great of yourself.
Emotionally, powerfully sung by Erik Holmberg, flavoured brilliantly by Fredrik
Askenstrom's guitar playing and powered up by the energy-packed duo of Christoffer
Ahl on drums and Mattias Ohlsén on bass - this is a band to seriously look out for.
The debut album, which has already been hailed as one of 2011's most important in
the rock community of Sweden, is produced by the great Ricky B Delin (who last year
won acclaim for Houston - 2010's best AOR album in Classic Rock Magazine) and mixed
by the legendary Robert Wellerfors. It is set for release worldwide on September 23,
2011. The first single 'Breathe Out' is now available for radio,
and will soon hit the market.


Snaki *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2011
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