Back from the US where he spent 12 years playing with great musicians
from New York and New Jersey, Freddy Mazzucco( Guitars, songwriting
& production) decided to return to the French Riviera and form his
own band. He met rock vocalist Nathalie Pellissier, bass player,
Christophe Canto and drummer Rob Hirons together they are ISIS CHILD.
Their first album “Ailleurs” was recorded in 2008.
A year later at Noise Factory Studio in Belgium, ISIS CHILD
recorded their first English album called “Strange Days”.
This album will features 12 songs, with Bass player Alain Rinallo,
Mathias Lecoubiac and Hugo Adam, drums, David Zecca and Chris Drouin,
Keyboards, Robert Geoffroy and Julien Spreutels, Magali Luyten (
Great vocals coaching on all songs, and Background vocals on
the song "stop looking down on me") And Alex From the band "Orion"
(Background vocals on the song "even if").
The recording is done by the great engineer and owner of the studio
Noise Factory (Belgium), Gerald Jans (He’s a genius!) and the mixing
and mastering is done by The maestro Pelle Saether, singer from
the band “Grand Design” and owner of the studio “Underground” in
Sweden. The cover and booklet will be done by our great friend Mike
Lombard (another genius and great musician) The album should be
released around Fall 2011 Stay tuned.


Snaki *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2008
Release Year: 2009
Release Year: 2011
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