HUNGRYHEART are around and rocking the stages in their home country since the late '90.
In 2008 they released their self-titled debut album, that was long awaited and highly appreciated by the media as well as by the fans.
The album was listed Top 5 in several voting polls of the magazines and got great reviews all over the place.
2010, two years later HUNGRYHEART eventually release their second album "One Ticket To Paradise". And this album does not only top their debut, it takes HUNGRYHEART to a whole new level.
"One Ticket To Paradise" features12 Songs that have everything a Melodic Hard Rock fan could wish for: impellent grooves, rocking guitars, catchy melodies and big hooklines.
In tradition of their role models, consisting of the great Melodic Hard Rock Bands of the ’90s such as Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey and Giant, just to name a few, along with some sleazy influences and the sense for catchy tunes, HUNGRYHEART definitely rock your hearts and ears.
Among others, Nicolo Fragile (Gotthard) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Glenn Hughes, Eden’s Curse, Edge Of Forever) appear as musical guests on "One Ticket To Paradise".
The high class production and the mastering by Michael Voss (Mad Max) make this album a full circle.
HUNGRYHEART are reaching for the stars and "One Ticket To Paradise" will bring them certainly a few steps closer to their aims.
In fall 2010 HUNGRYHEART will start a European tour. Don’t miss the band playing in your town!

Heaven *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2010)

Release Year: 2008
Release Year: 2010