Everything started in 2000 in a small village called Ripollet (Barcelona) when Sergi Hormigo (drums), David Aguera (guitar), and Manu Esteve (vocals) created the band.
Victor Muino (bass) and Antonio Landeira (keyboards) completed a little time later the original line-up.
In December 2001, all the accumulated work ended up with the recording of a demo: "WINGS ON FIRE".
This work included four songs and showed a pure melodic hard-rock sound with some personal atmosphere.
This was just the beginning of what, by that moment, was only a "hard dream".
"WINGS ON FIRE" was recorded in AURHA studies in Barcelona, with the prestigious engineer Mauricio Tonelli (Sangtrait, Meat Loaf, etc.). After this recording, A. Landeira left the band and was replaced by David Ruiz on the keyboards. In all those songs we can find powerful riffs of guitar and captivating melodies which reveal some influences that come from the pure A.O.R. of bands like MAGNUM and SURVIVOR and also from the hard powerful rock of DOKKEN, QUEENSRYCHE, WHITESNAKE, etc.
Everything treated with a fresh and modern sound.
The good result that they got over the mass media and the great reception in live shows as well allowed the band to get their first recording contract with VINNY RECORDS.
The first long-length work, called "CALLING EVERYWHERE", was recorded during the summer in 2002 in AURHA studies and NAUTILUS in Barcelona.
It was mixed and masterized by the famous music and producer Carlos Creator, in Rockstudios, Bilbao.
This work included eleven songs, where there is a mixture of different styles but keeping in the hard A.O.R.
This album attracts a kind of audience with more melodic tastes and the followers of the harder rock either.
The edition of the album was in March 2004.
When the album was released, David Ruiz left the band and Quique Carmona, a good friend of the band, contributed from time to time on the keyboards. Hardreams started a promotion of themselves with several shows, sharing stage with artists like BOB CATLEY (Magnum), VAUGHN (Tyketto), FIREHOUSE, JIM PETERIK (Survivor, Mecca, Pride Of Lions). They also did different shows in a national level like in the third edition of the prestigious festival NEMELROCK in Madrid. Unfortunately, the recording company Vinny Records gave up his activity just after the disc was released.
That made impossible any possibility of promotion and selling of the disc.
However, this fact didn’t affect the strength of the band.
In spite of, it stimulated the hope of keep on expressing their own music style.
In summer 2006, Sergi Segarra got the keyboard player place.
That’s how the current band formation is completed and also how it is presented in several shows since then on,
like in the remarkable performance in the prestigious Ripollet Rock Festival 2006 sharing stage with the Germans EDGUY and others. Between may 2006 and late 2007, the band recorded a new album, which is called "The Road Goes On" and contains 11 new tracks. In this new album, Hardreams keep on producing their true hard melodic style.
However, there is also what we could call the result of their natural evolution and experience effect.
So now there are tracks which are more direct and powerful, containing exquisite melodies, but always keeping the good quality of sound that characterizes their earlier productions.
This new work was recorded in AUHRA and BOO-BOO'S studies in Barcelona with Tomi Perez as an engineer, co-producer and manager of sound mixtures.
Shortly after finishing the recording, the band signed a recording deal with the American label Perris Records for a worldwide editing and distribution of the disc.
"THE ROAD GOES ON ..." was released, all over the world, on 20th May 2008.
Once the album was out, the group focused on their live presentation, offering a series of shows, among which we could highlight sharing stage with the Californians L.A. GUNS in Barcelona
and their participation in the MELODIC FEST festival in Madrid, with some of the most notable Hard Rock/AOR Spanish bands. The record quickly gets very good critics both nationally and internationally which results in numerous reviews and interviews. That makes it sound quite regularly on radio stations in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Latin America.
Throughout 2009, HARDREAMS kept playing, with the largest number of concerts in their career, visiting places like Madrid, Castellon, Menorca, etc.. and opening shows for important artists such as Jimi Jamison (Survivor) or BAD HABIT,also including some live gigs in acoustic format. Motivated by the good reception and impact of their second and latest album, "The Road Goes On", Perris Records re-issued in July this year the first work of the group: "Calling Everywhere". This new edition features a fresh script and includes three bonus tracks for U.S., Europe and Japan: Pain (demo version), "Si tu te vas" (cover of Sangre Azul) and "Two Shots".
The last two were recorded live in Ripollet Rock Festival 2006.
The year 2010 is expected to be busy for HARDREAMS regarding live shows, while they have already started working on new compositions for their future third album.
They plan to be done with it by the end of the year.
The road goes on....

Our Comment:
I love that band from Spain!
First because these guys are great musicians and compose very melodic tracks,
and second, because they're true Rockers!
Don't miss a chance to listen to this band, I'm pretty sure you'll find something you like!

Snaki *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2010)

Release Year: 2004
Release Year: 2008
Release Year: 2010