Coldspell comes from the land of the "ice and snow" up in the north of Sweden in the iron ore miners town Kiruna.
They were formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson, who was previously with the band R.A.W., a band that recorded two albums in the 90’s with members from Dalton and Kicken (Poodles) on drums.
Together with four other experienced musicians the band Coldspell are ready to impress you with their own brand of hard rock. The band draws influences from a mixture of everything they grew up with from the groove of the 70’s to the choruses and melodies of the 80’s, mixed with the raw and naked excitement of the 90’s, not forgetting the production expertise of the millennium. Coldspell's debut CD has already created a stir in rock circles, and they have a nice crisp guitar sound that can be compared to Blue Murder, Gotthard, and Whitesnake but with melodies and a rich rhythm section that smacks of Treat and Dalton. The debut-album "Infinite Stargaze" was released with Escape-music U.K. on the 20th of Feb. in Europe, and was recorded by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground in Sweden and was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Pretty Maids, TNT, Jorn, Helloween) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark.
Artwork was done by the amazing C.A.Beckston. One last thing that we must not forget to mention is that the band is already recording new material for their second album.

Heaven *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2010)

Release Year: 2009