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  LOUDGUNS -Interview (2017)



Broken Highway
Sunset Runaway
Revolution Days
Release Year: 2013
Release Year: 2013
Release Year: TBA


Interview taken from Sami Pilve & Olli Kärki !


GEORGE: Welcome to BeRock Radio guys, the most melodic place! I am George, please make yourself comfortable!
We’re glad to have you here. Tell us about how you came up with your band name, "Loudguns"?

SAMI: Thank you George, the pleasure is all ours. Basically I came up with the name after hearing a Firehouse song
“Reach for the sky.” There's a line in that song where they sing “My gun is loaded...” and that spawned the idea for me
that I want a band name that's got something to do with guns.
So I just came up with the title “Loudguns.” Somehow that sounded unique and 80's enough to make it the bands name

GEORGE: Loudguns is a band formed in 2009.
The band was a longtime dream of guitarist Sami Pilve who wanted to write and compose his own 80's style rock 'n' roll music.
From that point up until now, you’ve had some member changes. Tell us a few words about your current line-up.

SAMI: All the members that have played in this band are very close friends of mine/ours and always will be.
The current line-up (Me, Olli, Akseli, Toni & Henri) is just pure magic, I feel there is just an amazing chemistry,
mutual respect and friendship.
First time ever we are a team/gang wanting to pursue the same goals with everyone giving
200% all the time to make it happen.

OLLI: Well said Sami. For me personally it was easy to come in to this band.
I knew Akseli and Toni before, dear friends of mine.
Now I´m having two new great friends and amazing musicians Sami and Henri sharing the same dream.
Things could not be better in a band.

GEORGE: Due to its quality, melodic hard rock music is a very difficult genre to stand out with for a band.
Even then, from your very beginnings, you’ve had great success.
How do you feel about that?

SAMI: First of all, thank you for the compliment I'm very honored to hear that.
I'm probably one of the biggest 80's rock/pop fans ever and I just tend to write songs that I'd like to hear.
So I'm always composing from a point of view of a fan, and you always want to improve yourself and as a professional
musician you're always trying to chase that perfect song.

OLLI: Hard rock is hard rock and that´s what it´s supposed to be and also great fun!

GEORGE: Let’s talk a bit about the music. You are preparing to release your third album.
The first samples you’ve released, the two lyric video clips, “Billie The Queen” and “These Dreams”, are amazing
and have given us high expectations. Tell us what to expect from the tracks of the album.

SAMI: Our goal is to write the biggest rock album made in this century, so it will be 9 or 10 songs just hit after hit after hit.
There are really great songs coming and the album will be the best Loudguns album so far.

OLLI: We have a goal, so now we kick the balls..haha!

GEORGE: Did you encounter any problems during the recording of the album?
If so, how did you overcome them?

SAMI: We haven't recorded the whole album yet but we've been in the studio so many times so we know how to prepare.
I guess we've learned to avoid all the major problems.

OLLI: I think Sami has the vision and we follow it bringing our best in to it.

GEORGE: What are your plans for the promotion of the album, but also generally speaking?
Should we wait for a video clip? What plans do you have for live shows/tours,
will we see you in other European countries as well?

SAMI: We have taken the promotion and marketing sides of things very seriously.
There are no record labels anymore whom are willing to spend millions of euros to promote their artists,
so if you want to reach out you have to be able to take things into your own hands and make it work.
And yes there's an official music video coming out during the spring and we are trying to negotiate with
different companies if they'd be interest in to start booking us shows and tours.

GEORGE: Finland and Sweden are among my favorite countries in terms of what they offer with their music.
They’ve given us great artists and amazing bands in the melodic hard rock scene.
What’s different over there that makes you stand out from the rest of the world?

SAMI: Sweden is amazing hard rock country! I guess there's a certain point of persistence in Scandinavia.
The attitude of pushing it through and not giving up that makes it happen.
I also think that people who live in northern countries really do take their art very seriously.
It's not about fashions nor trends but the art of expression itself.
That's my opinion.

OLLI: I think it´s the way we do it. Simple as that.
You have to trust what you do and if you´re hard working and lucky you´ll get it through.
You reach the peoples hearts.

GEORGE: For the past 4-5 years, we’ve been seeing a bloom in Melodic Hard Rock.
Do you believe that rockers want more quality in the music and listen to more of this genre?
What’s your opinion on this?

SAMI: I would like to think so, at least the times of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll are over.
The clihés just won't work anymore so you have to be a professional musician these days if you want to make real music.
Also there are several generations of people nowadays who love the particular genre so there's a huge amount of fans.
We also want to take the legacy that our influences have given us and pass it forward, 'cause those big giant rock bands
are getting old and the day when we don't have them anymore will come unfortunately, so we have to carry on the torch.

GEORGE: The music industry in the recent years has changed.
We see that a lot of people prefer digital purchases, which are more convenient, faster and more easily accessible.
What are your thoughts on the future of CDs?

SAMI: We have fans that won't listen to our music untill they get the CD, so I guess there will be CD's in the future.
That's also why we have so many ideas where we think outside the box.
When the world changes you have to play along and not get stuck in any certain things, you should rather think ahead.
Record business is in serious trouble 'cause the whole business model is too outdated.

OLLI: People want allways something to hold on. Is it CD or something else we´ll see, music stays on.

GEORGE: It’s not just the music industry that has changed over the years.
Nowadays, we see social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...) become hugely widespread.
How much do these sites support a band and in what way?

SAMI: It's been a huge blessing for us to be honest. Many bands just don't take the time nor effort to use them.
It's a hard work load but it'll get you wonderful results.
I can't go too deep into details here but they are great platforms.

OLLI: I feel that social media gives you a change to be near your audience.
We can talk together, you know what I mean?

GEORGE: Thank you for your time, I wish you all the best for the future!
The last words are yours for this interview.
Feel free to say whatever you want to all BeRock’s Radio minizine readers!

SAMI: Thank you George for taking your time, it's an honor.
I wanna welcome all the people to join in for the Loudguns ride.
The more the merrier. Without the passionate music listeners and our fans this would
be very lonely existence, so thank you very much.
Stay tuned and stay LOUD!

OLLI: Thank you George! Feel the noise:)

George "Snaki" Karatzas
For BeRock Radio's MiniZine (2017)
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