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  CYANIDE 4 -Interview (2017)



Every Day Is A Masquerade
Release Year: 2012
Release Year: 2017


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Interview taken from G.A SINN!


GEORGE: Welcome to BeRock Radio guys, the most melodic place! I am George, please make yourself comfortable!
We’re glad to have you here. Tell us about the current line-up and some words on how you came up with your
band name, "CYANIDE 4"?

G.A SINN: G.a Sinn- rhythm guitar/vocals, Nasty George-Bass, Alex Rated –Drums, Joxnyy Slut-Lead Guitar.
We wanted a band name that could sound venomous like poisonous to the core so cyanide was a good choice
,then we added the number 4 cause we are a quartet and there you have it.

GEORGE: Let's move on to your newest piece of work, "Nekyia", which is to be released in 2017, by Perris Records.
It's the end of January 2017, and this album has the most "fresh" musical ideas that I've listened to so far.
Tell us a few words about the tracks. What is your secret in writing such great and "refreshing" music?

G.A SINN: The new album is our second full length and it is already purchasable on a digital form.
physically on cd would be available on early February. This material has been on the table since the
summer of 2010 when we started composing songs for a future record.
I’d say that Nekyia is slightly different from our previous effort but you can certainly say that is the
continuity of the things that we’re involved since the begining.
Maybe is heavier in a way with deeper and more fascinating themes on the lyrics.

GEORGE: Did you encounter any problems during the recording of the album?
If so, how did you overcome them?

G.A SINN: Yes as always but this time was at the mixing process.
we were ripped off by a finish producer, like he took our money and did nothing to make it sound better so again
we had to put some money on the table. It took a long time before we save the amount of money that needed to
repeat the whole procedure.

GEORGE: What are your plans for the promotion of the album, but also generally speaking?
In April of 2015, you released a video clip for “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hero”, and later in October of the same year,
a video clip for “Getaway”. Should we wait for another video clip?
If the answer is "yes" and that video clip is for "A Light Among Darkness",
then you'll have made my day! (laughs!!)

G.A SINN: Exactly we wanted to give to the people a taste of what to expect of the new cyanide4 album so we
thought that it would be a good idea to share with them what is going on in our camp way before the release of
the album. Maybe there is gonna be another promotional video maybe not were not sure at this point if this is
necessary, but who knows? Right now we want to focus on live appearances…
you know as many as possible and in as many cities as possible.

GEORGE: As I said before, your music is beautifully "fresh". It's not just that, though.
You guys are a young band with rock in your blood, and you bring this out with a good craziness that the
people love. So guys, tell us, why is it so difficult for new bands to come out and truly rock us?
Because nowadays, instead of that, nearly everyone follows the same boring path.

G.A SINN: You’re right, I think with this record we made clear that we’re not on this rock pile of predictable bands
that sound the same, they look the same and they act the same, following the same patterns musically and lyrically…
you know the easy path they don’t like taking chances.
We follow our instincts and it feels good.

GEORGE: From the very beginning, you’ve made some great deals and released your work with amazing labels,
such as the American Perris Records, something that is not easy to accomplish nowadays in the music industry.
What is your secret for achieving such great contracts?

G.A SINN: Actually Perris also released our first album so he was around at that time when we were thinking
about distributing the new material.

GEORGE: For the past 4-5 years, we’ve been seeing a bloom in Melodic Hard Rock.
Do you believe that rockers want more quality in the music and listen to more of this centre?
What is your opinion on this?

G.A SINN: Unfortunately the past 4-5 years a lot of bands of the neo hard rock scene split up or stopped playing.
I think mostly for financial reasons. Its very hard to keep up economically.
There is not any music industry beside you, everything is diy nowdays.

GEORGE: The music industry in the recent years has changed.
We see that a lot of people prefers digital purchases, which is more convenient, faster and accessible.
What are your thoughts on the future of CDs?

G.A SINN: Yeah sure, I mean cds got nothing more to offer but I see a come back of the vinyl.
Personally I prefer vinyls seems more alive to me than every other form of imprinted music.
I’m not a fun of digital purchases really.

GEORGE: It’s not just the music industry that has changed over the years. Nowdays, we see social media
(facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc...) be-come hugely widespread.
How much do these support a band and in what way?

G.A SINN: Absolutely It helps a lot, you can advertise and spread your music easier and faster.

GEORGE: Thank you for your time, I wish you all the best for the future!
The last words are yours for this interview.
Feel free to say whatever you want to all BeRock's Radio minizine readers!

G.A SINN: Oh well I’m grateful, thanks a lot for the support and to our friends and fans‘’,
I hope you guys enjoy the new record, see you at some point at the gigs that we’re going to announce
in the nearly future’’cheers!!

George "Snaki" Karatzas
For BeRock Radio's MiniZine (2017)
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