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Trouble or Nothin
Human Instinct
Can't Get Off
Do You Miss Me
Release Year: 1989
Release Year: 1992
Release Year: 1994
Release Year: 2004
Release Year: 2005
Livin´ on a Dream
The Great Escape
Release Year: 2007
Release Year: 2011



ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": Welcome to the most melodic place Robin, make yourself comfortable! Let’s take first
things first and talk about the urge that you have for music since you were a child. What was the element
that made music a part of you?

ROBIN: Well my dad was always singing around the house. So he was the first influence that I really had.
My brother was very into music and then and of course growing up during the most radical change for me during
early 70’s with Rock n’ Roll I became addicted to music.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": With your album "Trouble or Nothin’" you hit the charts (#1 in West Germany, UK, Switzerland,
Norway etc...) "Trouble or Nothin’" became instantly an anthem that follows all Melodic Rockers until this day.
How this success did become? Give me some clues about it.

ROBIN: During my career I was a jingle singer in N.Y.C. I worked on some of the biggest campaigns that existed and
one of them was for Coca Cola. The jingle turned to a song and was recorded as a demonstration. Before I knew it the
song had become a huge hit in the UK. When I got the phone call from the head of marketing (John Watson) at
Phonogram Ltd, I thought it was my dear friend Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton Drummer, Duran Duran Drummer) pranking me.
But when it turned out to be a legit call from the UK my life changed from then on.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": What does it mean for an artist to have such big success and recognition like the one you had at the
beginning of your career? Best Newcomer for "First Time" Silver, Gold and Platinum Single (1989) and many more other singles.
How easy or hard is it for an artist to manage such a success?

ROBIN: It really wasn’t hard at all. I was young and ready to rock. I had been waiting for my big break my whole life.
I had worked behind the scenes for so many years just dreaming that it could have been me… and then it finally was.
I handled it well… I worked my ass off and never once did I look back.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": If I had to give my point of view on "The Great Escape" album, I would say that it is an album that’s
firmly bound to the musical roots of Robin Beck but with a more melodic touch. It might be based on a tested and successful
formula, but it manages to sound fresh and well written. Also, I believe that the addition of Tommy Denander and
James Chirstian, gave a certain something to the way that the songs are delivered. Was this the way you wanted the album
to sound? What’s your point of view?

ROBIN: I love all the albums that I put out. While I’m working on them I’m really in the moment… it could be totally off the
mark and I would not question it because at the moment it feels right. With “The Great Escape” it was a planned out direction.
I never had an album where I felt so connected to the music. James was a huge influence on me. You can’t be married to the
greatest rock singer in the world and not be influenced or guided. I always say that I’m the luckiest girl in the world…
I had husbands for that project that really loved me… that helped me to lock it down. Tommy is my hero and his way of
writing for that album was just totally right for me…
I guess you could say that all the stars were aligned.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": I believe, the most important thing in music is the chastity of the musicians who create it. Well,
this is too obvious in your music. Your songs come from the heart, by pure love for this kind of music and it shows.
That’s what makes your music so special, and of course makes your albums valuable to us.
This is the only kind of bondage between a musician and a fan.
Do you agree?

ROBIN: Hum…Chastity? I never thought of it that way… but sure… why not. There is a connection and there’s a marriage
between the musicians and the fans that love them. We do shoot from the hip emotionally. If it doesn’t feel good to us,
it won’t feel good to anyone. We try to stay true when we are doing the writing,
it’s all we know that goes into a song.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": Robin, in October/November 2012 you made the "Here Comes Trouble" European Tour.
You had James Christian (Bass Guitar and providing vocals), Tommy Denander (Guitar) & Jorge Salan (Guitar) with you.
While on-topic about the tour, I'd like to ask you about your appearance in Firefest 2012 on Saturday of 20th October
in Nottingham Rock City. Your appearance was amazing and made the crowd go wild! What is it that "bonds" you with your
crowd and you manage to pass on so much positive energy, like you did in Firefest?

ROBIN: Raw energy like what you have for your closest friend or family member when you haven’t seen them in years…
That’s magical and scary at the same time… I love my fans like they are my family…
It matters to me that they see me not some trumped up version that’s staged…uh….
I don’t know why exactly but I’m in love with all the faces in the crowd and I kind of feel that they are the stars
of the show. If it comes across as positive energy then everyone gets to feel what I do on stage.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": Now, 2 years after the release of "The Great Escape",
what are your plans for the future? Any thoughts releasing a new album?

ROBIN: Actually I just took a studio break to do this interview.
We are in the process of doing vocals now. So the album should be out late spring, early summer.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": You have contributed your voice to some cooperations and some great tracks, such as "Fly Away" by
Impulsia and "Heat of the Light" by Shining Line. Can you tell us something about those cooperations and if you're
preparing any similar good surprises for us in the future?

ROBIN: These are lovely projects and I’m honored to be able to appear on them. I might in some cases assist with the
writing or melodies but sometimes the songs come to me finished and I perform them… The people behind these two projects
are great and I enjoyed the cooperation.

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": A "complain" from your fans is that they haven't seen you in a video-clip lately.
Any thoughts on filming one, maybe a song from "The Great Escape"?

ROBIN: Actually Yes! It’s just that I run my own ship now and it’s very expensive to put a video of any
quality together. There is a chance that I will do one for this album though.
We are just thinking about it to shoot over the summer.
I’ll keep you posted…

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": In my personal opinion, it doesn't help to "release" the tracks of an album on YouTube.
It loses the "magic" that exists once you purchase the album and listen to the tracks.
Can you tell me your opinion about that matter?

ROBIN: I totally agree! You should have distribution if you’re doing it on your own and allow people to learn about
you from you ads or social networking. But inevitably it winds up on YouTube because the fans put it up.
I’ve taken them down so many times I can’t tell you… but after a while it just gets away from you and it’s best to
just leave it. The real fans respect your music and support the effort by buying the music either online through
Amazon etc, or at my personal website .
Just thought I’d throw that in there :)

ANDREAS "ROCKBELT": All right, that was it. Thank you very much Robin. Share any thoughts, feelings,
wishes or whatever you want to say to us. Hope to see you someday in Greece. The last words are yours,
say whatever you like to BeRock Radio Listeners and readers.

ROBIN: I would say thank you for being in my corner and not to forget to visit me on Facebook or at my website
for all the coming events. Good luck and loads of love in this New Year 2013. Hope to see you soon. Love, Robin!

Andreas "RockBelt"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)
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