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Trouble or Nothin
Human Instinct
Can't Get Off
Do You Miss Me
Release Year: 1989
Release Year: 1992
Release Year: 1994
Release Year: 2004
Release Year: 2005
Livin´ on a Dream
The Great Escape
Release Year: 2007
Release Year: 2011
Release Year: 2013



STEVE XANTHIS: Hi Robin! I’m Steve! Nice to meet you!Welcome to the most melodic place Robin,
make yourself comfortable! Let’s take first things first and talk about the urge that you have
for music since you were a child. How did you decide to get involved with music?

ROBIN: I was born that way! It wasn’t so much a decision as it was a natural thing.
Once I was old enough to leave home at the tender age of 16, I went to Daytona Beach Florida
and sat in on a Jam session. Someone in a local band spotted me and took under his wing.
His name is Alex London and he is still my friend to this day.

STEVE XANTHIS: At what age did you decide that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life?

ROBIN: Very young. I would say about 6 years old. I thought I was just like little Shirley Temple and
could do anything she could do… by the way, she was only 3 when she started, lol!

STEVE XANTHIS: You are going to release your new album “Underneath” this August. Tell us a few things
about this project. What to expect?

ROBIN: We are doing a full scale release and it will be available everywhere that you can buy a
cd… plus you can pick it up at my website and have it signed personally by me to you and have the
chance to win my lottery… details are on the website
That’s always a lot of fun.

STEVE XANTHIS: So Robin, tell us a few words about the line up of your new album “Underneath”.

ROBIN: The song writers have changed some… I am still writing with James Christian and Tommy Denander…
along with Jimi Bell and BjZampa… but we have added the Crush Boys to the mix and they are responsible
for the 1st 7 songs on the album… making it fresh and unexpectedly unique from my past several albums.

STEVE XANTHIS: Do you have any special guests on your new album as usual? If the answer is yes, tell us
a few things about your guests.

ROBIN: There is a duet between James and I that is just amazing! The song is “Burninng Me Down”.
We also have Glen Burtnick playing on “Follow You”, which is a real treat since he wrote it and performed
it back in the early 80’s. It was always one of my favorite songs and I finally got the chance to record
it and breath new life into a lost a favorite of everyone.

STEVE XANTHIS: How did the preparations of the new album go?
Did anything amusing/surprising/horrifying happened?

ROBIN: Everything went well… the best and most surprising of all was that this album was just so different
smashing and rocking and modern. It has a younger vibe that I wasn’t expecting but am very happy with.

STEVE XANTHIS: Which are the differences between your new album “Underneath”
and your last one, which called “The Great Escape”?

ROBIN: It’s more modern and very radio friendly… the subjects are even more Universal than before.
I think that this album will reach out to a much larger audience beyond Melodic Rock and into
Main Stream and Radio ready Rock.

STEVE XANTHIS: What are your plans of promoting "Underneath"? Should we expect a string of live
appearances and a worldwide tour?

ROBIN: I would like to do a full scale tour… now we are putting out a single starting in the UK…
“Wrecking Ball” is first. The album everywhere:) Either way… I will be doing some touring and
will keep you posted when and where at my website and on facebook.

STEVE XANTHIS: Any thoughts on filming one new videoclip? Maybe a song from "Underneath"?

ROBIN: We are thinking about it now.
Wish I could unfold the perfect answer but it’s not ready yet:)

STEVE XANTHIS: Have you any thoughts for a place in Greece that is going to support your music?
Is there any chance to do a long trip for us just to play your music? (hehehehe)

ROBIN: I would love to. It’s not a question of want.
It’s a difficult market these days because of the economy over there.

STEVE XANTHIS: All right, that was it. Thank you very much Robin. Share any thoughts,
feelings, wishes or whatever you want to say to us. The last words are yours.
Say whatever you like to BeRock Radio listeners and readers.

ROBIN: To all my friends at BeRock, thank you for all your support. To all my friends all over Greece,
"Σας αγαπώ" (I love you). Please come to my website and listen to the new album there. You’re gonna love it!
Get into the lottery by picking up your cd there before Sept 21st.
I’ll see you out there and I have you always in my heart. Be well and be happy, peace.

Steve Xanthis
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)
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