Release Year: 2013


Label Website: www.frontiers.it
Band's Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiamondDawnOfficial


STEVE XANTHIS: How did you end up in Diamond Dawn?
Can you tell me which is the current line up of the band?

DIAMOND DAWN: Diamond Dawn consists of Alex - vocals, Olle - Guitar, Jhonny - guitar, Mike - bass,
Niklas - keyboards and Effy - drums. This has been the line up of the band ever since the beginning of 2011.
Alex and Olle met in high school in 2010 and began playing together. Later on, in the beginning of the following
year, they decided it was time to take the vision for an awesome melodic rock band to the next level. Mike was found
on the internet while Alex was browsing a site for finding band members, and Alex also met Niklas at a music camp.
We all met up to discuss the possibility of playing together at a coffee place in Gothenburg and it felt pretty great.
However, at that point we had also found a drummer on the internet that after a few rehearsals just didn't seem to fit
with the rest of the band. For a short time in the beginning of 2011, Diamond Dawn had no drummer, but that was solved
when Niklas friend Effy auditioned for the spot. Just like that the band had found its perfect drummer but as you reading
this probably can tell, Jhonny is not included in the saga yet. A little bit later on, in the early spring of 2011 Alex
decided to only sing in the band to be more of a front man, before that he had also played guitar. We still wanted another
guitar player and luckily enough Mike knew just the guy. Jhonny was recruited and at that point the current line up of
Diamond Dawn was complete, so we've played together for 2 great years this spring!

STEVE XANTHIS: Which are the music influences of the band?

DIAMOND DAWN: We're influenced by everything around us, it's not only about being inspired by other musicians
but also from life and all its ups, downs and adventures. To bring it down to the music, we all come from different
backgrounds and dig power metal as well as commercial pop. What we all share is the love for rock n roll and strong
melodies. Obviously our sound has some influences from the 80s, the latest golden era of melodic rock. Some classic
bands we really like from back then is Europe, Danger Danger, Giant, Winger, Whitesnake and Toto.

STEVE XANTHIS: Which is the reason you play Melodic Hard Rock music?

DIAMOND DAWN: Well the reason is simply that we all love this kind of music, it's what comes naturally when we play what
we feel like together as a group. We all listen to much more than one genre but when it comes down to making our songs we
bring together the essence of all the great stuff in music as we see it. That is stuff like melodic hooks, big vocal
arrangements, a big sound and simply a feeling of rock n roll! Obviously melodic hard rock is what it becomes, we don't
try to make music in a specific way, we just play what we feel like and what we would like to listen to get excited.

STEVE XANTHIS: Sweden is famous about its music industry, especially the genre you support. '
Do you feel blessed or doomed to meet the high standards?

DIAMOND DAWN: It's hard to say, it feels great that many people have a special kind of respect for music from Sweden.
Of course though it can also turn against you, but only if you let it. We feel quite great about coming from where we do,
the climate for music is terrific here and it's fun dealing with it. It's more like we think of it in a way that embraces
being included in the way some people think of Sweden as a great country for music. We don't really know exactly how Sweden
is regarded from outside its borders but we couldn't really relate to it if it is that people give an album a listen based
on the sole fact that it is from Sweden. We don't look at any country in that way but if that could make some people listen
to our songs it's a great thing for us and we highly appreciate it!

STEVE XANTHIS: People say that you seemed to be ready to walk the same steps with the Swedish
H.e.a.T. in the way of Melodic Hard Rock Music! Did all this made you nervous?

DIAMOND DAWN: No but it would have if we had expectations on where we're going to go and what we're going to accomplish.
If we set up goals for Diamond Dawn then it's about what we want, not what some other band has achieved. We're so happy
to have gotten even this far doing something that we love and just hope and for the best for us. We also hope for the
best for H.e.a.t. as they are a great band and a great bunch of guys!

STEVE XANTHIS: You will release your debut album "Overdrive" in 22 of February 2013. How do you feel about that?
Tell me a few things about this project. Also, you signed your album debut with one of the best labels in the world,
Frontiers Records, how does that feel?

DIAMOND DAWN: Yes we will, mark that date boys and girls, it feels great! We have worked for a long time with this and to
finally get to release it is nothing but positive feelings. After we were contacted by Frontiers in the winter of 2011,
we immediately started the pre-production. Then from march to august 2012 we did the actual tracking, mixed and mastered
Overdrive. Everything was recorded in Gothenburg by us and Philip Crusner, he then mixed the album with us and when it
sounded big enough we went to Cutting Room in Stockholm to master the album with Limpan! It was a fun time but pretty
stressful, we learnt so much to take with us to the production of the next album. Since august 2012 we've put time on
stuff like the cover art, the video, some photos and other stuff important to release an album. We've also done some
gigs around the Gothenburg area to keep that part going. Now we're ready to release Overdrive and see where it goes,
we think it's a great album and we're really proud of it, we're just hoping that people will think that too! Overdrive
is indeed released by the awesome Frontiers Records, and it feels fantastic to be part of such a great label-roster.
Many bands and artists that we love and hold very high are on the same label, so when they contacted us after only
having existed for half a year it felt pretty surreal for sure! Working with the guys at Frontiers works very good
despite the distance, it's a great thing we have internet!

STEVE XANTHIS: The first single was "Take Me Higher" and you also have a beautiful video for it.
Do you have any plans for a new videoclip?

DIAMOND DAWN: Thanks, we really like the video a lot so it's great to hear that other people are enjoying it as well!
There are no plans for another one at the moment but we may just do another one later this year, it's always a great
way to promote your music and the fans seem to love it!

STEVE XANTHIS: What people must expect from the band in 2013?
Do you plan to come in Greece for a concert?

DIAMOND DAWN: People can expect that we at least will try, very hard, to go out and play live much. Most gigs will
probably be in Sweden during 2013 but you should definitely know that we want to go everywhere we have fans to play!
We have no plans for a concert in Greece at the moment but we'd love to come, Greece is a wonderful country with some
awesome beaches and some tasty food!

STEVE XANTHIS: How do feel about standing on stage?

DIAMOND DAWN: We love being on stage, performing live in front of audiences is the best thing!
We have had some great response at our previous shows and once the album is out we intend to take it even further,
hopefully booking a bunch of live dates for the rest of the year. We're a band that's essentially about having a good
time and sure you get that from listening to the album but come to a live show, and we will do our outmost to make
sure everybody has a good time indeed.
Every night.

STEVE XANTHIS: What do you think makes Diamond Dawn special?

DIAMOND DAWN: We didn't create Diamond Dawn to be special, we did it to get to do what we love and play some awesome music
with some great people. Trying to distinguish our exclusive qualities is therefore an interesting way of looking at it.
To answer your question, what we can say is that Diamond Dawn are young, hungry and willing to work very hard to get out
and play live and meet the people! Our genre, or rather what's conventionally within the frame of melodic rock, is mostly
dominated by studio projects. A studio project is something that Diamond Dawn is definitely not. We also put a lot of
energy into our live show and the whole output of the band image-wise as well as musically. We think that's definitely
something most melodic rock bands seem to have forgotten how to do. This music is essentially about enjoying a good time
and feeling grand! By that it just seems weird to us why you would sing it but not look like it.

STEVE XANTHIS: Thank you very much, that was all, say the first thing that comes
in your mind to our BeRock Radio Readers/Listeners.

DIAMOND DAWN: Thanks for supporting Diamond Dawn, we love you all!
Go get our debut album and turn it up into overdrive!

Andreas "RockBelt"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)
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